Will Turning Xbox One Owners Into Developers Turn The Tide For Microsoft?

NowGamer: "It’s no secret that Microsoft has found itself on the back-foot since unveiling the Xbox One back in May.

After being lambasted for their always-online DRM policies, mocked for their subsequent u-turns and derided for their focus on TV, the idea that Microsoft is a company out of touch has firmly cemented itself in the popular consciousness.

For Microsoft then, the challenge is as much about changing perceptions as it is about selling consoles. But, how can Microsoft persuade consumers that they are not the stiff, out of touch and closed corporate body that many think they are?"

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TimmyShire1765d ago

I think until we know the full details of [email protected], this is just a pipe dream for Microsoft. Hopefully not though, because Xbox Indie Marketplace had some gems in it (and a lot of crap too, mind! :P)

cleft51765d ago

It's not going to turn the tide, but it is a cool feature that I hope Sony implements in some form for the PS4.

lokirevamped1765d ago

With your fan-girl glasses on, one side can never lose/win. If you take them off you will see that nothing stays on top, meaning anything can happen. Gamers are on top, I am enjoying them both.

Dark_king1765d ago

@cleft5 Im just hoping we get a new LBP that let's us make full games.LBP 2 you could make a game but small mini games anything to big would strain the system(unless you put it into multiple levels but you couldn't get data to carry from one to the next).So now we got a new more powerful system and it should be able to handle far more.Sure you can't sell your levels/games but other then that would be similar.

Volkama1765d ago

@Dark King,

Maybe keep an eye on Project Spark if the One or Windows 8 is an option for you. It's also likely Sony will use LBP for the PS4 at some point, if PS isn't an option for you.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1765d ago

I am pretty meh about indie titles, I have a phone and tablet that can handle those types of games (most of them) If you paid £350 or £430 for a next gen console I honestly don't understand why anyone would be that excited to see anything less than AAA titles...
That's just my opinion obviously.
At the same time it's awesome for people who ARE interested in this side of things... just not me.

ABizzel11765d ago

No, because the majority of XBO owners aren't game developers.

Look at the people who tried to get backwards compatibility running, and bricked their console.

It's great for anyone interested in developing a game, students, and small indie teams with extremely low budgets.

P0werVR1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Yet it is by far one of the best features added to a console. They already stated they might have toolsets for would be developers, aside from Project Spark.

Aggesan1765d ago

Exactly. Everyone already have a pc, why haven't they started developing games there if they wanted to? After all, pc is where games are actually being developed.

sprinterboy1765d ago


Agree dude, I think it's a cool feature for a small minority of xbone owners but for the masses it's just a lol moment. I couldn't wait for lbp to arrive and even had drawings made up ready for levels but soon found out I don't have the time to game and design a level at the same time lol, as cool as it was though. Certainly be interesting to see what some xbone owners do with it though.

rainslacker1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Bravo, thank you. Even the stuff that makes it simple doesn't mean it's going to make everyone into a game developer. Even LBP has it's meh levels.

I applaud anyone who wants to try their hand, but I encourage them all to really study up on game design, and not just programming/art. Design is where it's at, and it's what separates the fodder from the true geniuses. After you get the design stuff down, the rest is just learning how to do programming/art.

I believe most people who are seriously interested in game design actually do use PC. There are thousands of outlets to get your game out there, and the indie community is much more mature there.

It is pretty cool having you're game running on a console though. Was awesome the first time I played one of my games after porting to the Vita on PS Mobile.:)

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imt5581765d ago

Well, i got a job. When i coming home, working around the house's enviroment. When i take a break, go play games for a few hours.... I don't have a time to make games, just play it.

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lets_go_gunners1765d ago

The fact that any one who has 500$ can be a creator is never bad thing. Though just like the app store it's gonna be a cluster fk for the first year. Then we are gonna actually start seeing what people can come up with.

I'm waiting patiently for specifics before I jump on that bandwagon but still optimistic.

Aggesan1765d ago

If you have 500$ and want to learn game development, buy a pc, not a xbox one.

lets_go_gunners1765d ago

You're missing the point of this program. It's not just making a game on Xbox one it's selling it on it also. You can make it for your pc re-code and restructure for xbox one and you sell your game for your price and obviously ms gets a cut but it's amazing. I was reading about it after I made my initial comment. It's legit.

rainslacker1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

So do you want to make a game, or do you want to make money? The money is nice, don't get me wrong, but people that try to just make money generally don't make very good games. Not a coincidence limited indie devs I'd like to add.

Minecraft, Braid, etc didn't set out to make money. They set out to make a great game. They made money in the process.

Besides, PC offers a hell of a lot of places where you can monetize your game. A lot more than just the one Live market. The advantage to Live/PSN is exposure, and getting the game out to more people. But even then, the PC market dwarfs the console market by a large margin for indie games.

Most indie games of the level we're talking about here start on PC and become popular there. Very few set out to go directly to console.

If you end up being good and making money in the PC market, the console market will come to you. You don't have to go to it.

heliumhead20301765d ago

im kinda confused on this. does this let you run game developement software on the x1 or do you still need another comp and are just able to test on the x1?

Kayant1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

No one really know at this point but I guessing even though all XB1's can be devkits that's not really a good idea if there's no access restrictions in place as it could give pirates the access they need for pirated games or it could cause some XB1 owners to misuse it and brick their console like the bug recently found that allows enables devkit mode but sends your console into a endless bootloop.

So iirc you still need an [email protected] account to really do anything once this mode is enabled.

But this feature is a great thing for devs as it's allows them to have both a debug/devkit console as well as a retail console to test their game.

OT - No this wouldn't turn XB1 owners into devs but it helps developers and gives XB1 owners more games :)

rainslacker1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

You would have to use a development tool suite, likely MS visual studio on PC, with the proper SDK and then you could upload it to the console itself for testing. Developers still use PC's to create their games, as doing it on a console is limiting and not really conducive to a working environment.

I find it highly unlikely that MS will offer complete access to the hardware like they do for liscensed developers. As Kayant says there is a lot of protected information that MS would not let the public have for a measly yearly subscription fee. It'll likely be a lesser version of the full developers tools, and most of the support will likely be community based, as opposed to directly supported by MS.

I really think it's going to be more akin to PS Mobile for the Vita. Although it may have a more robust toolset and use more tools that are included in their full dev kit solutions...which obviously cost a lot more, and require strict NDA's and qualifications to use.

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