Best Buy backs away from PS3 pre-orders

Retail giant says it never intended to fulfill PS3 pre-orders; sends e-mail to those who tapped leaked order form online.

Gamers this weekend were quick to react when forums lit up with news that Best Buy's online store was accepting pre-orders for Sony's PlayStation 3 game console, due to go on sale November 17.

Unfortunately, those who completed the online preorder form this weekend discovered today that their actions were for naught. The retailer sent those consumers notice that their preorders was being "cancelled."

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Maddens Raiders4455d ago

Get in Line Like Everybody Else !!! - LOLOL

Man, this wreaks of carnage - I see no winners here!!! I suspect security patrols will be especially beefed up during next week's event.
Oh well...I'll be on the front row of course....


why did they even offer these in the first place?

Weapon X4455d ago

Get in my way and I'll stick ya.

DEIx15x84455d ago

Does Best Buy ever offer pre-orders?