A Look at The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Through GIFs

"Three GIFs show us the promising world of a 'weird fiction horror game'."

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PockyKing1793d ago

Game looks freakin gorgeous. It's amazing to see what these small development studios are dong as of late. This, The Forest and No Man's Sky are teams consisting of 10 or less people. Once I'm done with my business major in college I'm certainly going to start looking around game development options.

TedCruzsTaint1792d ago

Game schools such as Fullsail and, more importantly, Digipen really are helping people break into the industry in a major way.
I am doing rather well for myself as a GM, but the idea of taking up game design at Digipen has peaked my interest over the last few months.

infinitewords1792d ago

This game looks great, but I don't have a computer that could run it. I just hope it comes to PS4.

Rzep1792d ago

I would prefer a high quality video or high quality screens, not tiny GIFs.