New Screens for The Elder Scrolls Online Show Various Battles

Bethesda has released a few new screenshots for its The Elder Scrolls Online MMO that is releasing this April for the PC and Mac platforms. ESO will also release for the next-gen consoles sometime in June of 2014.

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CyrusLemont1768d ago

I'm not sure how to feel about this game, on the one hand, I love TES series, but on the other, I hate MMOs. Gah, why Bethesda?!? WHY!?!?! Couldn't they have just made TES 6 for next gen instead :(

theXtReMe11768d ago

I agree, it seems a lot of TES fans are up in arms about this. I think if they would've made it look more Nextgen, people might be better off accepting it. But as it is, they said that the visuals will be under what they did with Skyrim. I think, also, had they made a single player story to go along with the MMO, I wouldn't be as torn.

I'm not big into MMOs, I'm not big into multiplayer. I just want to get lost in another elder scrolls world. That world, which I hope would amaze me like Oblivion did. It just doesn't seem like this game is going to be that game.