Problems With The Xbox One

TPReview writes: "As we made clear in our review (found here) we love the Xbox One. It feels like a real leap forwards and some of the features and very impressive, it’s also a platform that has already brought us a handful of great games like Dead Rising, Forza, Ryse and Killer Instinct. That being said, now we’ve lived for a few weeks with the console a few significant problems have occurred. Many of these have been publicised and brought to Microsoft’s attention on this site, but here’s the problems we’ve struggled with so far."

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GrizzliS19871819d ago

apart from kinect, i see all those problems resolved by around march. Ofcourse the launch will be a bit rocky

thrust1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Still the best tho.

do not get jelly that you have had your ps4 a couple of weeks and already bored with nothin to do on it :(

@nature your right it is very good at that, oh it also has the best games and network, controller, ui with help of kinnect, wow its hands down the best isn't it!

i know your a bit bored right now but games will come to the ps4 next year. Hang in there!!!!

NatureOfLogic1819d ago

Clearly rushed.

@ thrust, best at what exactly? voice commands?

GrizzliS19871819d ago

spin? i consider myself a ps4 fanboy lol but i call it all like i see it.

if there is a problem that can easily be fixed, then why make an ordeal about it when its understandable that the system was a bit rushed but still working ok

fixes will be attended to, just like they are every few weeks with the ps3 updates.

simple as that, stop being a whiney ass geek

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JBSleek1819d ago

Kinect isn't an issue that needs resolving.

Dlacy13g1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I have found Kinect very responsive but I also do a bit of a Hybrid control. I use Kinect 100% to power up and down TV. Occassioinally for a quick volume adjust if i am in kitchen and then I use it about 50% vs controller to launch apps/games ...just depends on what I am doing at the time i decide to fire up a game. What I love about Kinect though is its always an option for controlling my console and TV. I am never 100% tied to a controller or mic to do something but neither am I limited to just controlling with Kinect.

The biggest issue I see right now for Xbox One is the party system. They really did go from an almost perfect party system on the 360 to one that is pretty broken. It will get fixed but its a shame they are even needing to go and have to fix it in the first place given it worked so well previously.

frostypants1819d ago

You're right. It doesn't need resolving. It just needs to be removed for those who don't want it.

UnHoly_One1818d ago

Frostypants, that's already taken care of.

You never have to plug the thing in at all.

If you're complaining because it's in the box, well then that's just too bad, because I don't see that ever changing.

You might as well go try to get a cheaper deal on your next blu ray player because you already have an HDMI cable and you don't want the one that comes with it.

My point is: It's a part of the package. You don't get to pick and choose to not buy certain parts of the package.

christocolus1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )


Most definitly they will..seeing how ms kept updating the 360 over the years and adding to its functionality i dont see this being a big issue or being any different.they have stated the console was built to be more easily updated via software.

MS will most likely resolve these issues very soon via updates.

ThePope1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )


Your arguement while littered with facts based on how well Microsoft took care of issues with the 360, will fall on deaf ears. Sony fan boys hit the comments section here on N4G, because as was mentioned above have little else to do. While that will change in the future, right now they are mad, and have to take it out on back to playing all the great launch games for the One. And to all the down votes, enjoy Knack, its so

creatchee1819d ago

I'm an Xbox One owner and I agree with this list, except for the Kinect. It has worked about 95% of the time, which is fine for me. The party system is atrocious and many games don't support matchmaking lobbies, which makes it hard to coordinate multiplayer sessions. However, that is something devs can implement, even if it stays as is (which it hopefully won't).

My main concern has been with memory allocation. The damned thing keeps too many apps running and lags the UI. Games aren't affected, except every so often they won't launch and I have to full reboot. Still, fixable.

I love it, but it needs some tuning.


Totally agree with you and the author. While the system is great, it needs some fine tuning, especially with the party system.

It sux that we have to do a hard reboot, like a cell phone every week or two, but I have no doubt that these are launch window issues that will be fixed over time.

Jeedai Infidel1819d ago

creatchee, if you highlight the app or game and press the menu button, it gives you the option to quit. I never have an app or game running if I'm not going back to it within an hour or two and my system runs as smooth as butter.

Statix1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )


Lol at Xbox fans trying to spin things around as if PS4 owners are the ones regretting their purchases. It's just freaking hilarious (and sad at the same time). Everyday, I hear on forums and on twitter about how someone who bought the Xbox 720 is disappointed with their decision, and how they lament the broken voice chat/party system, the overly complicated UI, the poor framerates and blurry sub-HD visuals, etc., etc., etc.

I'll be enjoying playing all my games in full 1080p glory, with smooth framerates, great graphics, and fully functional party system. This is in contrast to even 1st-party Xbone games like Ryse or Dead Rising that can't even maintain a stable 30fps. Every single day, I'm thanking my lucky stars I didn't buy this underpowered box that feels like little more than a vehicle to push Kinect, Windows 8, advertisements, and cable programming into your living room.

ThePope1819d ago

You'll always find what you go looking for. Period. It's strange I check these comment sections about once a day, and they are littered with PS fanboys, shouting at the top of their lungs how bad the Xbox One is (most of whom have never played one). It’s a universal fact that those most dissatisfied with something complain the most and loudest. Now try to follow along, if most of the people crying on these threads are PS fanboys, who is truly the happiest with their system?

Now you’ll say Xbox One owners, but that’s because you and the other sheep all head in one direction. Give this a shot, buy a One, and play it for a week. Lets see if you’re singing the same song. Maybe you will and in that case you’ll return it, but chances are you’ll really enjoy it.

n4gamingm1819d ago

wow man damage control much lol, i have dead rising 3 the frame rate don"t affect anything the game still ridiculously fun considering i played 8 hours of it and haven't even passed chapter 2 yet its very context rich and worth the 60 bucks. Ryse not so much to short of a story to buy. Forza motorsport 5 very well done game and there fixing the money economy so much it changes the game for the better no more forced micro transaction. No one regrets there purchase just really annoying when people try to force their opinions on others not very mature.

UnHoly_One1818d ago

The frame rate in Dead Rising 3 is perfectly fine. Maybe the review copies didn't have the day one patch, I don't know, but it DOES NOT drop frames at all.

And it's all personal opinion, but I think it's a better game than anything on the PS4. My PS4 has been collecting dust since the One launched.

I have no desire to go back to Killzone when I can play a bunch of better games on my One, with a much better controller as well.(again, all personal opinion)

Statix1819d ago

I have bad news for you: The broken XBL/party system and chat features may take up to a year to overhaul and fix, according to developer insiders.


Pogue19061819d ago

Don't post anything from that guys blog and act like its law. If you're a follower of the blog then you know that he is an admitted PS4/Sony head. He bashes MS every chance he gets. He is as much inside as you and me. He's really hoping that it takes that long to get fixed.

ShwankyShpanky1819d ago

How exactly would "Too many things are apps" be "resolved" by March? They may be able to get the various apps to function more smoothly, but to "resolve" a "too many apps" problem would mean a revamping of the whole OS.

UnholyLight1819d ago

Definitely agree with this article. ESPECIALLY the Apps thing. So F***ing annoying having to open and let an "app" load just to check your achievement or friends list.

Not cool at all, especially considering how much faster it used to be especially when compared to the checking Trophies on Playstation

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1819d ago

The problem with xbox is MS..

Hope they patch that.

rainslacker1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

And when do you see the Kinect problem resolved?

@shutup above
I agree. The X1 is actually not that bad overall.

SLUG1818d ago

i hope your right because i want to play with my friends online party system needs to be fix soon

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Bigpappy1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

M$ has a lot of stuff, that was local on 360, now running off the severs. They were really serious about always connected. The problem is not all connections are reliable and fast enough, especially wireless. They will need a patch that lets some things store locally then upload when the connection allows. I understand that they want instant uploads to avoid cheating the numbers, but most wouldn't put that much effort into cheating achievements for example.

Kinect not understanding him anymore? I don't have a possible answer for that.

hankmoody1819d ago

He has to run the Kinect setup again and probably raise the volume on his receiver or TV up higher than usual to make sure it reads him right.

Godmars2901819d ago

Why would he have to bother with the receiver or TV? The Kinect has its own mic.

That might be the issue: the mic on his Kinect is failing.

Bigpappy1819d ago

You are probably correct on that. He probably set everything up when the house was dead quite. So when every one is home and the house is lively, Kinect is not filtering all that noise. I know for a fact those calibrations are very important. When ever I relocated the old Kinect I had to recalibrate for the room it was in, or it would not work properly. I suspect that could very well be the case here also.

MikeGdaGod1819d ago

while MS promotes the Kinect as being the main attraction for the xbone, its actually the #2 reason for me not getting one (#1 being i don't like MS products or policies in general and do my best to avoid them, #3 i know Sony has more/better game studios).

i don't want to do anything with Kinect besides video chat, and the idea that you have to use it with so many features really makes the console unappealing to me.

Bigpappy1819d ago

I think you just said you don't like their product, so why does it even matter to you if it comes with Kinect and what it is being used for. Not making much sense there.

MikeGdaGod1819d ago

because i'm a techie and a true gamer....and if they have a game i really want to play i might buy the system.

i'm just saying, in its current state, xbone isn't appealing to me

Bolts-N-Rays11091819d ago

Mostly sounds like stuff that can be addressed pretty soon. Hopefully, it's all fixed up by the time I get mine in March.

BigShotSmoov0071819d ago

Yeah, they just added steps to things that was perfectly fine for the 360. The party system doesn't work as they announced, no notifications at all to when friends are on or off, or if they are playing the same game as you. I mean it's so bad that you don't even know when the controller is dying, how do you not put a battery icon in the dashboard to let you know when the battery is dying, thats just crazy. MS clearly rushed it out after they announced they are not going the 24hr online check-in system and they really better fix all these problem soon, especially before there biggest game so far on the X1 gets released and that's Titanfall.

heliumhead20301819d ago

you dont own an xbox one . BET

BigShotSmoov0071819d ago

And why would you say that? How would I know about all these problems with the console if I didn't have one. How would I know that there isn't a icon anywhere on the UI that lets you know when the battery is doing. Why don't you do yourself a favor and look up my gamertag on Xbox live which is the same as it is here and see if I have an X1 or not. Stop being a fanboy and try to defend a console that was clearly rushed. I have both consoles and I like the X1 for it's potential but as of right now, I'm honest enough to tell it like it is about the consoles and the X1 is a semi-broken system that needs updates to refine it's features.

heliumhead20301819d ago

because u read up on every article on n4g that complains about everything in your comment. im not defending anything ijust stated u dont own one and im pretty sure im right.

BigShotSmoov0071819d ago

Well too bad you can't comment anymore cause you only have 2 bubbles which is probably good cause your assuming I don't have a X1 and when you assume you just make an ass out of yourself. Like I said which you completely overlooked, since it seems like you have a X1, search my gamertag, which is the same as my name on here and see if I have an X1 or not they go about your business and be quiet. I'm stating facts about the system cause I have it.

Bigpappy1819d ago

I don't think you should conclude that he doesn't own an X1. What he is saying is not anti-M$ or anti X1. They are legitimate things that need to be fixed. Everyone, who owns an X1 and had a 360, could appreciate that these small issues are something M$ has to address.

Having said that, I don't fault you questioning his motive as there is a strong anti-Xbox and Microsoft vibe in this forum, for sure.

BigShotSmoov0071819d ago

Oh please bigpappy, it's displeasure for a system that I own. I own a PS3, PS4, XBox 360 & Xbox One. I'm a gamer period and I am not completely thrilled with the XBO because clearly it was a rushed system. It was meant to be an Always Online/24hr Check-in/DRM/Kinect Driven only including no headset in the box system. MS did there 180 and had to change alot of what they really wanted to do to add things that gamers wanted, thus breaking alot of there first plans and adding extra steps that just doesn't need to be in the XBO to access simple thing. Like, no notification on when your friends come on, when your friends are playing your same games, easy access to achievements. They made it more complicated to do simples things. Now I know things will change and I'm looking forward to the future of the X1 but as of right now, the system should not be out there right now cause there's too many bugs in it and anyone that owns a X1 knows this.

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JohnnyTower1819d ago

The biggest problem with Xbox One is finding one in Alberta.

Nail131819d ago

west edmonton mall...

JohnnyTower1819d ago

Been there last week on my way to the airport. No luck. But I found one today at futureshop. Same day I got my Xmas bonus!! Hoorayyy!!

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