Is John Carmack’s claim that there’s plenty of mileage left in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 True?

In a recent interview with Wired, id Software founder and CTO of Oculus, John Carmack, gave a rather startling opinion on the current state of the PS3 and Xbox 360. According to Carmack, he’s often struggled with leaving the low-end of gaming behind.

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BelkingOfSony1765d ago

i think ps3 has about 2 years left, since sony is still releasing games for it, before sony concentrates all its ps3 resources onto the ps4. for xbox 360, it depends on how many people buy titanfall for it once that releases.

GrizzliS19871765d ago

360 hasnt had a game in 3 years, and now because titanfall comes out it suddenly sprung back to life?

majority of titanfall fans are probably gonna be the guys who already bought the xbone.
expect less than 500k sales on the 360

BelkingOfSony1765d ago

i did not say that it's sprung back to life, tbh i think most of the guys who buy titanfall are going to be pc players.

FPSRUSSIA1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

i am getting titan fall on the PC my PC can handle titan fall so i am getting it on PC so like you said not everyone is getting it on Xbox 360.

ThePsychoGamer1765d ago

There are still games like Dark Souls 2, Castilvania LoS 2, and Ninja Gaiden Z that will keep the PS3 and 360 relevant for a portion of 2014.

Not sure how things will turn out for the 360 after these titles along with the cross generation games come out for, As far as I know the only exclusive it has slated for 2014 is Fable Anniversary.

For the PS3 though, it also has the most confirmed exclusives for 2014 to help with its relevancy in the upcoming year.

Sethry1011765d ago

If good games continue to come out then sure. I still have my 360 plugged in right next to my ps4, and am playing GTA V just as much as AC4.

Godmars2901765d ago

This is still coming from someone who never directly bothered with consoles. He made one game on a multiplatform engine and has done nothing since.