OtakuDome: The Top 10 Wii U Exclusives We Can’t Wait To Play

Otaku Dome continues it’s next-gen coverage for the week, this time taking a look at the top 10 upcoming Wii U exclusives from now towards the end of the coming year and beyond. Again the list is in no particular order.

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AWBrawler1769d ago

i lost hope on getting Dragonquest X in America

abzdine1769d ago

this is an amazing list of games for ALL tastes..
I love Nintendo i need this console soon!!!!

Aceman181769d ago

it's just

Fire Emblem

for me as the most wanted games from this list for the wii u.

JackieCruise691769d ago

Pretty much all the games on this list are on mine, except DQX, I'm not even sure if it's getting localized..
X is still my most anticipated though and I'm still really eager to find more about SMTxFE.