Ubisoft Hopes Watch Dogs To Reach GTA-like Reputation

Ubisoft seeks to elevate Watch Dogs to GTA standards of quality with the delay, according to North American president Laurent Detoc.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

They can keep the reputation, IMO.
I'd rather see Watch Dogs earn its own reputation and get consequently high sales off of it, rather than trying to ride GTA's coat-tails.

Let Watch Dogs be its own unique thing, Ubi. Reputation and all.

Do it right, and you won't need to ride the coat-tails of GTA's quality or sales; you'll be able to stand proudly and say you forged a game that earned it without any coat-tail riding, that became known for its own merits and high quality, rather than for trying to match the merits and high quality of another game.

Alexious1765d ago

Agreed, although the fact that they're shooting for GTA level of sales/reputation doesn't necessarily mean that they are going to copy the gameplay.

Sevir1765d ago

Amen, and by the looks of it, its one of the most unique open world offerings as of late. It can do well without the comparisons to GTA

Stsonic1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

If you want to achieve this level of sucsess you need respect. Do not release unfinished games so kudos for delaying the game.

Crazyglues1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Ubisoft Hopes Watch Dogs To Reach GTA-like Reputation...

-yeah Dream on', name one game that Ubisoft makes that plays and feels as smooth or as good as GTA V.. None.. -Don't get me wrong-

-But they have never been able to reach that kind of level of quality on anything they make, I'm not hating on them they make some decent games, AC is ok - splinter cell ok, Call of Juarez Gunslinger was pretty good... so they make some ok games..

-But GTA V is a monster, they don't do some things right, they do dam near everything right.. -and today's games just don't hit that level of quality.

GTA V's shooting Mechanics- Amazing some of the best they have ever done.. (took everything they learned from old GTA and Max Payne and brought it to V and then tweaked it for the most amazing feel for a third person shooter) the wheel system for picking your gun in battle - perfect.. so fluid and easy to use, it's done so well you don't even think about it when your in-game - that only happens when it's done right.

GTA V's Driving - Amazing, really feels good - just done really well..(it's like they took everything that was good from midnight club and bought it over and tweaked it to perfection) it has the best driving feel of any game.. it's so good I rather have missions with driving in it then do a mission where there is no driving.

GTA V's Story Mode - One of the best ever, hard to beat, especially when your playing through 3 different characters and they all are fun and add to the overall story of the game by interacting with each other, making the whole thing just one awesome game to play though.

GTA V's fun factor - if you can't find something fun to do in GTA V - Check your pulse, because chances are your dead and you didn't even know it. Playing with friends in GTA V is a blast, it's just awesome fun.. This game nails online multi-player...

So when you say you hope to reach GTA V's rep- Stop It..!!! your not on that games level.. Your day dreaming - they set the bar way to high for you guys to think y'all will be able to touch it.. you can team up with three other developers DICE, tech-land and whoever, and you still won't come close to what they did in that game..

Your game company sounds really foolish to think you can just do what Rockstar has done with GTA V -

- That's like how Battlefield keeps saying they are going to finally have more sales then Call of Duty, yeah ok,- (it's a lot harder then it looks)

||.........___||............ ||

theshredded1765d ago

lol at your points they're pretty laughable and are some of the reasons i won't buy gtav,same stuff just improvements and the same predictable stuff.
TBH i found the shooting quite boring,RDR did a better job imo especially with the impact feel
GTA is the same thing over and over and will proceed that since it copies the real life that we live already!what a snooze fest
the story was gr8 actually but nothing special,the characters were lifeless and generic...If u won't believe it i found Trevor the dullest of the 3.I don't understand where his hype comes from maybe i need more time with the game.Online is broken lol.Watch dogs is loaded with new ideas and creativity whereas GTA is bland

Crazyglues1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

@ theshredded

ok fair enough, every one is entitled to their own opinion, but I found the game to be really good.

you say- just improvements, but I felt like they improved it so well. it's not easy to just go in and do improvements. Sometimes you can totally mess things up.

I really liked GTA V it was one of best PS3 games I played before going to PS4.. I'm just really surprised when people say that's not an awesome game, maybe expectations have just gone through the roof because I can't see how you expect a game to exceed GTA V's level of improvement..

I disagree but that's cool were not all the same kind of gamers..

-but thanks for the feedback always interesting to hear what other people think.

malokevi1765d ago

Hopefully they have used the extra time to incorporate some of the great stuff that GTA does. Part of me feels like that was half the reason for the delay. They saw was GTA did and said to themselves.... "damn".

I think they extra time will help Watchdogs achieve more than it could have as a launch title.

rainslacker1764d ago

GTA wasn't always an amazing game. It wasn't until GTA3 that it started becoming "good". Before that it was considered an average game, usually scoring around 7, when 7 was considered an average game. It was never a bad game though...except some ports of it.

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MegaRay1765d ago

Prepare yourself for GTA-ripoff from some developers. I mean everybody is looking at GTAs sales and say "why didnt we did that"

LordMaim1765d ago

That's not exactly a new thing. There's been developers trying to replicate GTA since the PS2 era. A lot of really good franchises came out of those attempts, like Just Cause, Mercenaries, Crackdown, or Saints Row. Mind you, there were also a lot of bad ones as well.

I think that Ubisoft has enough of a track record with open world games at this point, for Watch_Dogs to be something unique.

JackieCruise691765d ago

Why would they want a GtA reputation? I mean-I get why, but Watch Dogs, from what I've seen so far has potential to gather it's own rep. This game is one of the few third parties I'm interested in.

raWfodog1765d ago

There's nothing wrong with wanting to match the well-known reputation of a high-selling game. It's something to shoot for without actually emulating the same type of gameplay. I believe that Watch Dogs will definitely forge its own path though.

rainslacker1764d ago

GTA got most of it's rep from the fact it was attacked by Jack Thompson for being a generational icon game that caused violence in kids/teens. It was a highly controversial game, which caused more people to check it out to see what the fuss was about.

Before that, GTA was generally considered a slightly above average, yet fun game.

It has now become a flagship game, that does a lot, and overall does it pretty well. Gotta love those "conservative" types whose intentions backfire on them. Take Two was really smart to capitalize on all the publicity.

I personally don't see Watch Dogs ever gaining that kind of controversy, or being able to profit off it in the same way.

Tiechie1765d ago

This is looking better then gta if you ask me.

Alexious1765d ago

I like the concept of Watch Dogs, but GTAV was simply stellar. Not sure they can compete with that.

CaEsAr-1765d ago

What's so amazing about GTA V? After you beat that game and have some fun doing random things, it gets really boring. And let's not talk about the broken/boring GTA Online.

Yea, go on, smash that disagree button!

MegaRay1765d ago

I agree!
New ip > sequels anyday of the week

SIRHC131765d ago

We all want nice things, Ubisoft

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