Global Weekly, 7th December 2013

1 PS3 Gran Turismo 6 803,714
2 X360 Call of Duty: Ghosts 538,579
3 PS3 Call of Duty: Ghosts 492,583
4 Wii Just Dance 2014 378,114
5 3DS Pokemon X/Y 367,562
6 PS3 Grand Theft Auto V 334,394
7 X360 Grand Theft Auto V 310,036
8 PS3 FIFA Soccer 14 209,506
9 WiiU Super Mario 3D World 206,827
10 PS3 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 197,869

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TheLyonKing1768d ago

GT6 was rushed out, it shows like I still have no intention of buying it as I am still thoroughly enjoying 5. Will get gt7 on the ps4 for sure though.

NatureOfLogic1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

No GT fan should miss out on GT6.

Also, did people really expect GT6 to flop?

PR_FROM_OHIO1768d ago

What amazes me is that it sold that good with all the competition it has this year with all the great games plus NEXT GEN consoles being released so close GT6 and yet will hit a million in about 2 weeks! GT is a BEAST NO DOUBT.

neoMAXMLC1768d ago

You're missing out. GT6 is so much more polished, cleaner, quicker, and jam packed compared to GT5.

If those numbers are true for the week ending on the 7th, that's not bad at all for only one day on sale.

Ol_G1768d ago

i hear you say quicker
is it actually faster on screen than gt5 or am i still going 300 while it feels like 50
that's my main problem with this series the sense of speed i have a playseat with a g25 racing wheel and sitting in my racing seat while feeling so slow is a real letdown

neoMAXMLC1767d ago

I really don't get why people complain about the "sense of speed".... There's never going to be any "sense of speed" because you're not actually in a car. You can't FEEL the car going forward at 200+MPH. Visually, Gran Turismo matches real life. I've gone over 100MPH on the road but my vision never gets blurred like in all those silly arcade racers.

When I say faster, I meant loading and screen transition wise. The time it takes to get into a race has been seriously cut down.

sin72791768d ago

gt6 is the best gt ever!

dale_denton1768d ago

i'm having a blast on GT6.. no idea what you mean by "rushed out" it's a great game.. having fun racing at night.

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Bundi1768d ago

Wow, Xbox One selling only 60k units shy of PS4 despite being in far less markets.

iamnsuperman1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Its launch (the PS4 has been out barely a month). What were you expecting. Supply issues are clearly affecting both systems

Evil_Abed1768d ago

All your supply arguments are nullified when you factor in that the Xbox One has ZERO supplies whatsoever in many countries around the globe because it has not even launched there yet.
And yet it is less than 70k units behind.

Let me simplify it for you. PS4 may have only 10 units at shop A, 7 at B, 6 at C and 12 at shop D but Xbox has only 15 units available at shop A and none at B, C and D...

iamnsuperman1768d ago

@Evil_Abed It isn't as simple as that. Yes Microsoft isn't meeting the demand in those countries it didn't release in but both are still not meeting the overal demand since retails have to publicly announce when they get the next shipment. The PS4 may have less per region than the One (who could be flooding key markets) by shipping to more regions.

Essentially the Xbox One is meeting demand (just) in the region's it ships in but not in the regions it doesn't ship in. While the PS4 can't meet demand in any of the regions it ships in (distributed over more regions).

Different strategies with both having pros and Cons.
Pro They can hit those important battle grounds with lots of units while it's competitor can't
Cons it could loose out with it not being available in those other regions
Pro: It hits markets where the One isn't available getting those on the fence people
Con: it does mean those on the fence people in the Xbox One launch regions may go for a one over a PS4 as there would be less PS4s per store

At the end of the day both can only produce roughly the same amount of units and demand is not being met even in the region's they are launching in (either by a lot or just)

GribbleGrunger1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

This is from the 7th of December when the PS4 stock had run dry. Sony can currently produce around 250,000 - 300,000 PS4s a week and they held some back for the release in other countries. That number will probably be around 700,000 this week, maybe even another 1 million.

Sony are struggling to keep up with demand at the moment which is why we're getting this anomaly. The only problem Sony have is being able to produce more than 1 million a month and I'm sure they're working on that right now. Even at 1.5 million a month, they couldn't keep up with demand, but next year we'll see a steadier flow of PS4s once they've tracked the sales trends and know exactly where to allocate the stock to achieve maximum sell through.

And don't underestimate the effect Infamous: Second Son and Driveclub bundles could have. We could see unprecedented sales through February to March too. I believe Sony have deliberately underestimated the 5 million by the end of the fiscal year, so don't be surprised if they sell over 6 million my March.

FlunkinMonkey1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

MS fans are particularly fickle and don't seem to have a clue about how supply and demand works, especially during the launch of new systems.

It's either that, or fabrication of results or selective thinking.

I think all three. Clueless.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1768d ago

For the week or worldwide from the chart on the right of that page I see a 600k difference in favour of the ps4

Palaven1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

You forgot that the Xbox One is also the more expensive console, the only reason the PS4 is selling more for now.

GribbleGrunger1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

More powerful and better designed helps too ...

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hatzwontfit1768d ago

Wiiu has the only next gen game in the top ten

MONKEYDLUFFY1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

At first I thought you were just fanboying but you're right. That's a fact.

Concertoine1768d ago

Wow, youre right lol!
But mario is a big christmas seller and the wii u has a bigger install base so it makes sense.

DanielGearSolid1768d ago

The WiiU is nextgen?

I'm kidding! I'm kidding!

hatzwontfit1768d ago

Ok I just have to ask, why do I have 4 dislikes for stating an obvious fact??? Only on N4G I suppose.

Ol_G1768d ago

in the meanwhile it turned to 5 lol don't know why the disagrees but i'll agree with you

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YodaCracker1768d ago

Wow, only 800K for Gran Turismo 6? That is incredibly low. For comparison, GT5 sold 2.3 million in its first week:

And the PS3 install base has DOUBLED since then, from 40 million to over 80 million! Then again, the series seems to have been on a decline ever since GT3, both in sales and in critical acclaim.

Prophet-Gamer1768d ago

I can't believe how little Sony seemed to care about GT6. It just felt like they sent it out to die, and given the results, it would have fared much better as a Ps4 title.

yewles11768d ago

Then explain the other PS4 games on the charts. When the only game to BARELY surpass 1 Million is CoD, a game that currently outsells GT regularly, then what chance would GT6 have gotten at PS4's launch?

Ol_G1768d ago

you can't say that who says those 2 mil ps4 owners all play or wanna play gt6
the reason it still sold is cause of the installbase PD knew that that's why it's released on ps3

kneon1768d ago

But this isn't first week sales, this is first 2 days sales as it came out on the 6th. And also it's VGChartz so they can be off by quite a lot.


Those Just Dance numbers are putting to pay this unfounded theory that nobody is using the Wii anymore.

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