A new Rare platformer 'would be great', says Spencer

A new platformer from Banjo-Kazooie creators Rare "would be great", Head of Microsoft studios Phil Spencer has said, possibly teasing an unannounced title in development at the studio.

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BALLBAGS1765d ago

one of my favourite ever platformers ... But this rare is not the rare the made both banjo games, conker, jet force Gemini, goldeneye etc in the n64 era

so who knows but it would be still a great announcement

iamnsuperman1765d ago

I doubt rare would lead it. They are the kinect guys now. They have been reshaped into that role. I see this potential game going to another developer but with Rare being brought in for the Kinect functionality (advisery role)

JackISbacK1765d ago

keep your advice with you,
1. dont bring this fanboy talks in this article ,you indirectly saying switch to ps4 because rare is destroyed.
2.dont say shit if you dont know about it,the man behind donkey kong still works at rare,almost 60% team of rare is old team from n64 era,new are hired but are very intelegent and are most are tech guys which work for the technical part of games ,yeah it is right that many people are woking to develop styles for motion gaming combined with controllers so that their games can also attract hardcore gamers.
3.they are not only doing kinect games ,yeah making games with combination of both because the kinect does not wasted and there are 3 teams ,one team is working on kinect sports rivls and other 2 teams are working on unnounced ip.
and waht matters most is they are creating games which can also appeal to netando lovers ,yeah MS is trieng to bring all geners and veriety to their consles with different type of quality games.
have fun boddy let them do what they are doing both consoels are out and will have great games so there is no reason to hail the name of one company.

iamnsuperman1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )


I have no idea what "fanboy talk" you are on about and no I am not saying "switch to PS4" as Microsoft do have other studios nor am I saying because Rare isn't the same you should switch (seriously what is the matter with you).

I was merely saying, from their only role in recent years, they have been kinect focused. It is a good thing as Microsoft have that go to studio that has focused on the kinect so they can get working kinect games out and they can pass their experience onto other studios to get them using the Kinect (something that was lacking with the introduction of the Kinect). I don't see Microsoft getting Rare to make a platformers when they need them to keep pushing the kinect

It is also worth noting I doubt 60% of the original 64 team is still there since that was a while ago (your talking 13 years it would be impressive for any studio to hold a large amount of the original team) and a lot let to make other studios like free radical

pyramidshead1765d ago


talk about god damn internet paranoia, jesus. Nothing in his comment suggesed switched to PS4, plus the irony is that you brought up PS4 yourself, on your own lol.

It's well known Rare are hardcore on the kinect now, there was even an article earlier this year stating that they enjoyed it and Phil was happy for them to continue.

fendernow1765d ago

You have NO idea what you are talking about. I know for a FACT that most of the people from the Rare team back in the good days of N64 are still here. Believe me when I say this, but Kinect is small on their list of things to do with their upcoming projects/ips. Not only that, but they have hired a few key staffers not to long ago that will be primarily used to work on unbelievable content on the X1.

malokevi1765d ago

Chill, jack.

The potential for Rare to do something great is still there. Lets not discount them yet.

Kinect Sports Rivals is looking fantastic. I still have faith in them.

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mhunterjr1765d ago

You're right, they aren't the same team. I hope Microsoft just allows rare to oversee development of titles that they hand off to other developers... Kind of like they've done with double helix . Rare has too many classic IPs to let go to waste, and there are too many talented developers out their that MS needs to build better relationships with.

Concertoine1765d ago

Same team or not, theres definitely talent there... they made some artistically beautiful games on 360 like NaB and viva pinata.
Maybe if theyre working on something theyve wanted to do forever they will make a better game.

Septic1765d ago

I think we'll see a new Banjo or Conker game at E3 next year along with Crackdown.

Summons751765d ago

Yeah but it will never be as good as 1 or 2 because most of those people aren't even there anymore because they can't stand Rare after MS took over. Hell instead of a proper Banjo 3 they were forced to turn it into an awful racing game.

Septic1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Nuts and Bolts wasn't awful! Argh! p_p

And hey, you never know...the new Banjo might be.....wait for it....better than the originals!

fendernow1765d ago

We may see something special from them soon.

Bennibop1765d ago

They didn't even get a look in at developing Killer Instinct X1

GusBricker1765d ago

Maybe it was planned like that. They couldn't work on KI because they were working on a platformer. (We can only hope!)

Bennibop1765d ago

Yeah but we ended up with the steaming pile of crap that is Kinect Sports Rivals!

GusBricker1765d ago

Yeah, but you really can't blame MS, that shit actually sells well.

infectedaztec1765d ago

Have you played the demo? Its actually quite fun to play with other people

TheEnigma3131765d ago

I wish they could make another Kameo; that game was pretty good.

TedCruzsTaint1765d ago

The Banjo series, outside of the Mario:Galaxy series, were my favorite platformers.
Please bring them back.
Please? . . .

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