EB Games Wii Online Preorders Start Thursday

Wii Online PreordersThe latest edition of the EB Games Newsletter starts off with an announcement that, starting this Thursday, preorders will be available online for Wii bundles.

According to the newsletter:

"This Thursday evening (CST), November 9, your opportunity to get in on the excitement arrives when our Wii bundle becomes available for pre-order online at You'll get the best games, accessories and more in one convenient package delivered right to your door - all for under $699 plus tax and handling!"

I know that many people disdain the idea of having to buy bundles and, to a certain extent, many people are right but sometimes they can have what you want and they can be a great deal. It'll be interesting to see if these bundles will include accessories and games gamers actually want or the latest Mad Catz Wii-mote sleeve and a copy of Over the Hedge.

So who will be virtually lining up to preorder their Wii online?

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