Boy, Those GT6 Microtransactions Sure Don't Feel "Optional"

Sony said the microtransactions in Gran Turismo 6 were "entirely optional." But GT6 doesn't let you earn credits anywhere near as quickly as before.

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yewles11856d ago

Spoiled by GT5's multiplier it seems...

yewles11856d ago


"In all GT games prior to GT6, we'd get lots of cars; we'd get 'em for completing sets of events and we'd definitely get them for completing tournaments. I finished the GT National Championship and was shocked to see I didn't get a car."

That's just not how it works in this one.

yanikins1111856d ago

More and more glad I'm skipping GT6.

Sarobi1856d ago

Well by all the glitches I've been hearing about.. you can get all the credits you want without spending a time.


They seem pretty optional to me,I'm certainly not a 'hardcore' GT player and I'm not finding credits particularly difficult to accumulate.
Seems fairly generous,both in credits and free cars......provided you actually take the time to understand what the game is and what it isn't.
I think alot of people struggle with the 'simulator' part....

TedCruzsTaint1856d ago

This shouldn't go by here relatively unscathed. I saw the hate brought on by the community here when it came to Forza 5. This is by no means much different and it shouldn't be treated differently.
To hate one, in all fairness, is to hate the other.

dark-kyon1854d ago

in gt6 microtransaction exist only if you search for them,in the new update is back the bonus for playing the game consecutive days.

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