IndieSpotlight: Assault Android Cactus | RGN

Jon of RGN writes, "I recently have had the pleasure of e-meeting the developers behind an incredible new twin-stick shooter called Assault Android Cactus which is currently available on Steam Early Access (and as a playable demo) and will arrive on the PS Vita, PlayStation 4, and Wii U as well as provide support for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows PC Gaming platforms. After getting my own two hands on the title and speaking in-depth with Witch Beam about AAC I can definitely say that what makes this game stand out from others gunning for attention right now is the love and care the devs have put into it. With a real focus on platform specificity too, this is not just a game getting ported around but rather having tailor fit versions for each machine it ends up landing on. In the following article I will describe some of the discussions I had with Witch Beam in regards to Assault Android Cactus and also what each platform of gamer can expect out there. Later this week keep your eyes out for my hands-on Preview as well."

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