Cheap PS Vita Deals: Amazon Blowout Sale Features Tearaway, 16GB Memory Cards for $19.99 + More


"This is probably one of the best days for cheap PS Vita games and accessories all holiday as Amazon has some amazing price matching and weekly sales on several must have PS Vita games, as well as the memory cards. With these deals, in addition to the PS4 integration, now might be the time to snag a PS Vita and some cheap gaming goodness."

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Snookies123817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Wow that is a misleading title.... The 32 GB cards aren't $19.99. That's the 16 GB...

Megaton3817d ago

As someone who just got a Vita and a 32gb card, don't buy a 16gb if you plan on having PS+. Fills up fast.

Clover9043817d ago

16gb isn't bad, but I do wish I had a 32gb card.

Megaton3817d ago

I was down to 12gb left on my 32 after my first couple hours with it. Downloading all the plus games and transferring some videos to it.

ShinMaster3817d ago

You can always delete the games you're not currently playing from the memory card or keep them in your downloads list.
I don't really need to play more than 3 or 4 games at a time.


Alex Evans Media Molecule Co-Founder Taking a Gamedev Break

Alex Evans Media Molecule co-founder is taking a break from game development. According to the developer, Dreams is in great hands with a mind-blowing future ahead.

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Rainbowcookie1363d ago

Have a good rest mate, but do come back pleez

fr0sty1363d ago

Media Molecule are currently among Sony's top developers, even if they aren't taking in top cash. Those who don't own Dreams are really missing out, especially owners of PlayStation VR.

Shameless Plug: Play my VR game in dreams, "We Bowling in VR!" or my other non-VR game, "Missile Commander"!

THC CELL1363d ago

Amazing guy amazing team amazing games I wish him all the best

Sophisticated_Chap1363d ago

Why? It took them more then an entire generation just to get one game out.

fr0sty1362d ago

It took them almost a generation to get the best, most innovative, and most ambitious play/create/share game ever made.


10 Games That are Best on Vita

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "Thanks to the timing of the Vita’s release and its relative power compared to the home consoles at the time (PS3 & Xbox 360), it saw the benefit of a number of these late ports which have remained the ‘definitive’ versions to this day. It’s these games that I’m aiming to look at in this article – titles that are best on Vita by virtue of extra bells and whistles, tweaked controls, and content, or in some cases just a general feeling that Sony’s portable hardware is the most enjoyable way to play."

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Jimboms1635d ago

Ooh, Virtua Tennis 4 for the win!

telekineticmantis1635d ago

Gravity Rush, still great, but the screen aiming made it better on Vita


Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, & PS4 Prime Day deals for 2019: Best gaming deals

Retail Fuse counts down the best gaming deals for Amazon.com's Prime Day.

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