UK Charts: Wii Fit U misses top 40, Super Mario 3D World slips again

This week’s UK charts are in courtesy of GFK Chart Track. Nintendo titles have suffered a beating this week due to the continuous dash for multi-platform games this Christmas.

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BullyMangler1768d ago

Nintendo already proved to game reviewers and owners that the new mario 3D world for wiiU is worthy of game of the generation, not just game of the year . utra high quality and inventivity creative skills this new mario game, miles better than anything found on ps4 x1 < fact . according to reviewers . .

so i dont know why you guys are so FOCUSED on the sales of things. ha haa

say Super Mario 3D World for wiiU sold only 10 copies, this means the game is no good?

ha haa sales exposed!

nintendo reigns supreme, regardless of sales . . pay attention

Ol_G1768d ago

it also outsold knack in the UK

curtis921768d ago

of course sales dont determine if a game is good but sales DO matter.

mt1768d ago

Sales do matter only for developers but for us consumers ( gamers ) not really. that only way I see the gamers care about sales if he/she really loves a studio and cares about its game's sales so it doesn't get close.

-Superman-1768d ago

Stopped readed at "utra high quality"
YOU LOST ALL YOUR "credibility" YOU HAD !

stragomccloud1768d ago

People that like to actually play games regardless of its look would agree it is ultra high quality. Only people that pretend to be "gamers" are in fact those that simply band together in brand camps and revel and rejoice in the shortcomings of "the others" would disagree.

How can one make a fair minded opinion, if one has already formed an opinion before giving something a chance?

Baka-akaB1768d ago

You are full of bullsh*t . I precisely remember you and others of your kind rejoicing when a game flop , or even explicitely hoping a few ps4 or xb1 bomb .

You trolls pretend sales are irrelevant , only when it fit your agenda .

When the wii was leading the charge , and some , trolls or otherwise , expressed issues with it . All you guys did was gloating about the 20-30 millions selling wii major titles . Same with the ds or 3ds .

Now of course when a Nintendo title sell less "who cares it's about quality!!" lol .

You guys aint different from a Sony or MS fanboy , you just pretend to be

Sarobi1768d ago

You are missing the point. 3D World is suppose to sell good.. that's the whole reason behind it's very existence. Nintendo is not interested in making quality games while losing money, THEY ARE HERE TO MAKE MONEY.

Plus if the game did sell only 10 COPIES.. you can bet your bottom dollar that Nintendo would be freaking out and firing tons of people.

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Concertoine1768d ago

Wow the UK hates the wii u. Which is weird because they bought the wii in spades.

LetoAtreides821768d ago

Which is why they hate the Wii U.

grassyknoll1768d ago

The advertising in the UK is terrible, you would honestly just think it's a Wii game. Price, being too similar to The 3DS & everyone think it's a Wii addon in the UK is also killing the machine.

BelkingOfSony1768d ago

the only thing i've seen related to the wii fit u in the UK on tv was last sunday on the channel 'challenge' (sky 145) 10.30am GMT, a gaming programme called 'the blurb', where the wii fit u was their 'game of the week'.

donwel1768d ago

I didn't even know it was out, the advertising for Wii U in this country as been nothing short of atrocious. Even the PS Vita gets more screen time.

curtis921768d ago

i think "they" are a different group of people who have now moved on to iOS.

Concertoine1768d ago

Largely yes, but just dance on wii is a good seller every year in UK.

-Superman-1768d ago

Nobody hates but Xbox One and PS4 are just better.

KonsoruMasuta1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Well, PS4 is better anyways. X1 is a cable box that tries to hang with real consoles. At least Nintendo didn't dedicate a whole showing to TV.

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Neonridr1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Wii Fit U is really hard to track in terms of sales. I mean for example, I downloaded the free trial and then I purchased the Fit Meter and registered it to the console. Now the game is unlocked forever for me.

Do they take into account the sales of Fit Meters when determining the total sales of Wii Fit U?

And since the Fit Meter only costs $20 (here in NA), who would want to pay the full price for the game when you can get it for only $20?

And as for Mario, I have nothing but great things to say about that game. If you don't want to play it, then that's fine, but it truly is a great game and definitely a must own on the Wii U.

Sales for Mario 3D World in the UK should be shoddy since only like 300,000 people own the Wii U. So if it sold only like 50,000 copies total that is still like a 15-20% attachment rate, which is a great number.

Sales for this game are deceiving, because it will continue to sell. As more people buy the Wii U this will be one of those games that will be purchased. It's not like other games that sell strong at the start then disappear and show up in the bargain bin in 6-12 months.

Nintendo games ALWAYS have legs..

WeAreLegion1768d ago

I don't think anyone knows Wii Fit U exists. Lol. I'm loving it so far though!

BelkingOfSony1768d ago

there is a gaming programme in the UK on the challenge channel (sky 145) shown every sunday 10.30 GMT called 'the blurb', and last sunday they showed the wii fit u as the game of the week.

lonelyplayer1768d ago

Nintendo is great. We all know that but the wii u was released more than 1 year ago and the good games can be counted with one hand.

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