OXCGN’s Xbox One Impressions

The wait is finally over.

The next generation of video gaming is upon us here in Australia, with Microsoft’s Xbox One the first to reach our shores here on the 22nd of November, 8 years to the day of the release of the Xbox 360.

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve gotten our grubby hands on the Xbox One, and like many of you out there, we’ve formed our own opinions on Microsoft’s latest effort.

Therefore, we here at OXCGN have managed to pry ourselves away from our new consoles in order to bring readers our quick impressions of the Xbox One.

Godem3462d ago

Lol love that Kinect thinks someone's Knee is a person! Glad it's not just me with that problem

Fireseed3462d ago

Yeah before mine broke whenever I was in Skype with someone it would occasionally focus on my knee when I leaned back lol

Fireseed3462d ago

Nah my X1 did. It doesn't recognize any Wi-Fi networks after the patch.

Neoninja3462d ago

Dude that freaking sucks and I'm sorry to hear that. Hope MS customer service treated you right and gave you a replacement unit.

vikingland13462d ago

You can pin your most used apps right to the dashboard. Including the settings. Having a windows8 phone helped me figure it out.

XxGOWxX3462d ago

I stopped reading after they said its too hard to get to the settings.

"I shouldn’t need to jump through 4 different menu’s just to reach my NAT or to access other system settings."

So this is too hard?
Push the menu button and settings option is right there
or you say "xbox go to settings" and it comes straight up.

Then to get to the network settings you select... drum roll...Network!

People base their perception of things based on reviews from people that cant figure out (or even google) how to use the device theyre reviewing! This is why you never trust a review 100%

GrathiusXR3461d ago

NAT settings it's just an example buddy. I've got countless friends who all have the same problem. They don't know how to easily get tot the settings page to change a specific setting or find out a piece of information.

They shouldn't have to ALWAYS use Kinect to take them there. Plus these aren't reviews, they're impressions based off of different peoples thoughts.

Notice there isn't a score anywhere ;)

XxGOWxX3461d ago

Lucky for your friends i just told you how to easily find the settings without kinect. Now you can tell them!

Also any review is just someones opinion and it doesnt need a score. It can just be an impression or overview of their experience.

My point is, dont say how hard something is just because you dont know how to do it. Getting to network settings was the guys example, so i used his example as my example. As you can see it was 2 steps to get to the network settings. on any console its at least a couple of steps to get there. 1. go to settings 2. go to network settings. not sure where he got 4 steps from, maybe, 1. go to apps 2. settings 3. network. still only 3 steps. this guy must be exaggerating how hard it is for some reason hmm.

happy gaming

GrathiusXR3461d ago

In saying that though GOW, that doesn't change the fact that the X1 dashboard just doesn't cut it as of the moment for navigation. Regardless of NAT setting's which is used as an example, there are other annoyances with navigating the dashboard.

It doesn't stop at NAT settings.

Plus just because I don't know how to do something doesn't mean it's too hard. It means that I need to spend more time learning it then I should have.

If you stopped reading after what I wrote then obviously you got the wrong perception. You based your perception on a single sentence.

Cool stuff.