Call of Duty Ghosts December PS3 and PS4 Patch Notes

GearNuke: "Developers Infinity Ward have finally released the full Patch Notes for their PS3 and PS4 Patch that they released last week. The main highlight of the patch was nerfs to the MSBS Assault Rifle which is somewhat balanced right now."

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dazzrazz1769d ago

"Host migration timer bug fixes"

So what happened tho those dedicated servers they promised so hard couple of months ago ?

lildudexst1769d ago

fucking game is dead boring. kill streak are so boring to use now.i knew i just knew i should never brought this game this yea i'm done no more call duty from hear on out all rent that it.

DA_SHREDDER1769d ago

one of my ps3's has an open nat type, my ps4 and my other ps3 are still stuck in strict nat types even after these crappy patches that do absolutely nothing. All my other games are fine, its just COD ghost that has latency issues.

Prototype_79L1768d ago

Well, if you cant make your nat type from strict or moderate to open, the it is your fault. It is not Iw's fault that you are unable to open some ports...

DA_SHREDDER1768d ago

yeah, its cool that Treyarch's COD works just fine but not the new one right? And its soon to be 2014, I haven't had to open ports for a game since R6V, oh and btw, ill just play another game, just sucks i cant even sell this cause i bought the ps3 version digital, otherwise could have just traded it in for a game that actually works,

kryteris1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

by boring you must mean (not) game breaking, tbh this game has been as good as MW2. The single player was good enough, and multiplayer is great unlike the previous title/s.

DanDan71769d ago

Why does it seem like 3rd party games are always giving Sony the cold shoulder?

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