Dying Light: Finally a zombie game I am interested in playing

Dying Light injects a new breath of life into the zombie genre.

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JohnnyTower1765d ago

Looks so much like Dead Island with faster running.

Maxor1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Because it is. I have no idea why they didn't just call this Dead Island 2 and you can pretty much expect the same piss poor performance and bugs from these devs. After Riptide I have lost all confidence in these guys.

Abandoning Dead Island to make a different Dead Island seem fishy to me.

Mikethejew1765d ago

I expect it will be a huge disapointment just like dead island was. But they will have the best cgi trailer though.

TheDarpaChief1765d ago

too bad you gotta wait now

smoothop1765d ago

I got to say that this game does look pretty decent, but I can't wait for another Left 4 Dead game, one of the most fun games with a few friends.

SirBradders1765d ago

This looks like a cross between walking dead + mirrors edges + i am legend.

Im super pumped for this, i hope there is some sort of co-op.

Irishguy951765d ago

Dead island with free running.

ShinraE51765d ago

This looks horrible. It looks like Dead Island without the co-op. Passing on this one.

Heisenburger1765d ago

Except there is co-op.

Do you even lift?

ShinraE51765d ago

So then DI with parkour...woot.

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