How to Survive coming to Wii U next year

How to Survive’s launch came and gone in late October, but the game still hasn’t made its way to Wii U. The game’s absence has led some to question whether it’d ever land on the eShop, but we can confirm that 505 Games’ original plans haven’t changed.

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Neonridr3216d ago

no online multiplayer. I really don't understand. The network is there, It can't be that difficult to get online up and running when other devs have proven it works.

Local multiplayer is all fine and dandy, but I would like the option to play with others who aren't actually at my house. Here's hoping that an online multiplayer option comes in an update further on.

BlackWolf3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Yeah, it's kind of unfair that Wii U players have to get content-cut games, when said content can be included. I hope 505 Games find the way to bring the online MP to the Wii U version.

wonderfulmonkeyman3216d ago

I hate it when smaller companies ride the coat-tails of bad decisions from bigger ones.
First EA and Ubisoft cut shit out of their games for the Wii U, and now the little guys are starting to do it.

And as is typical, they'll probably stop developing games for the system soon after this because they'll complain that their port isn't selling.

JohnnyTower3216d ago

Wii U doesn't really have a robust Online multiplayer system yet. It cant be all the developers fault. Maybe that is why they cut out Multiplayer.

wonderfulmonkeyman3216d ago

Ghosts begs to differ, amongst others.
Multiplayer on the system works just fine.

thezeldadoth3216d ago

have had a lot of fun with sonic all stars racing transformed online

JohnnyTower3216d ago

When I compare wii U to Xbox live, there is no comparison boys. Disagree all you want. You get what you pay for.

Venoxn4g3215d ago

did you know that this is not the first game that 505 cutted content on Wii U? Another one is Sniper game.. even Trine 2 has an online (if I am not mistaken).. indie game has a online play..

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deafdani3216d ago

Why do they even bother? It won't sell. Late third party ports don't fare well on the Wii U, even less so if they have less content than the Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts. I bet it will be more expensive, to boot.

Nevers0ft3215d ago

Couldn't agree more. Personally I'm done with gimped ports on the Wii U.