Oxide Games likes PS4 architecture “very much”

Speaking with Gamingbolt, Dan Baker, one of the founders of Oxide Games, spoke very favorably of the PS4 architecture engineered by Sony, wishing that PCs could have DDR5 RAM as well.

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amodestoccasion1767d ago

I'm excited to see Oxide's new engine in motion - it'll be interesting to see more RTS games come to consoles. Either way, it's good to see devs excited about hardware!

Alexious1767d ago

With PS4's touchpad RTS games may finally work on a console.

frostypants1767d ago

Wow...a blog post about an article that was already posted to N4G. Bonus points for poaching off of a site as horrible as Gamingbolt. Subby = loser.

Alexious1767d ago

Clearly you don't know about N4G guidelines. "A Story Within a Story". You're welcome. ;)

Fishy Fingers1767d ago

The source interview was submitted less than an hour ago. Read that