The Best PC Games of 2013

SegmentNext - The best PC games of 2013 list includes the most satisfying games (when they work) to play being a PC gamer.

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Are_The_MaDNess1765d ago

agrees with Bioshock and Dota 2, but COD? really?
alot of games can go before that, even indie games.
games like bellow would be better IMO instead of Cod.
Papers, Please
Prison Architect (even tho its still in Beta)
heck even Batman: Arkham Origins (with all its faults)

wtopez1765d ago

True. CoD Ghost is just terrible. A shameless uninspired shell of a game. Path of Exile though, is pretty amazing. A very welcome surprise to PC gaming this year. And free too!

Somebody1765d ago

I ran into FPS fatigue this year and avoided a lot of them. The only exception so far is the Shadow Warrior reboot and it was glorious. Just jump in and start slicing demons into pieces, none of that "get behind cover to recharge your health" mechanic flooding today's FPSes.

Are_The_MaDNess1765d ago

we all can just hope Half-Life 3 wont have the Regen mechanic atleast >____<