The Inevitable Crash, and why Nintendo is Likely to Remain Unaffected

An article on got me to thinking. So I spent some time and came up with this. Buckle in and listen up!

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ape0071819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

u cannot trust metacritic users, that's a logical fallacy, Take MW2, one of my fav games of the last gen and one of the best online shooters ever, 94% by critics and 2.5 by users, BS

xbox 360 and ps3 are head to head against each other, I'll find loads of fanboys troll each other and given their rival's game a 0, plus those types of games attract [email protected] and internet tough guys that are low class, while nintendo user scores are more sincere, educated and polite, plus no fanboy trolls give 0 scores around

gotta give it to the nintendo community, they're generally mature and peaceful, Miiverse is the proof

Theyellowflash301819d ago

Miiverse is heavily moderated though. But I see what you are saying

-Foxtrot1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

MW2 sucked though...I can't believe it got 94%, hell I can't believe any COD gets good scores these days while actual good games struggle.

"gotta give it to the nintendo community, they're generally mature and peaceful" they arn't. They are the worst type of fanboys you can get, the ones who would put their fingers in their ears and go "LALALALALA I'M NOT LISTENING EVEN THOUGH YOUR RIGHT". It's half the reason why Nintedo refuses to get with the times because their hardcore fans they listen to first don't want to admit that Nintendo are not in the best of places right now. Least Xbox/Sony fans actually listen to each other, they just don't like to mention each others good points in arguments.


"It's fine...wait for E3"

"It's fine...wait for TGS"

"It's fine...wait for this months Nintendo direct"

"No...wait for THIS months Nintendo direct"

"No...this one"

".........this one"




"...Just wait untill next E3"

AKR1818d ago

"Least Xbox/Sony fans actually listen to each other, they just don't like to mention each others good points in arguments."

Yes - because carrying on like blood-thirsty animals over someone calling your console of choice "bad", or simply not agreeing with your personal views - is the absolute pinnacle of the term "mature"

-Foxtrot1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )


" is the absolute pinnacle of the term "mature" "

Hmmmmmm thats odd, like really odd....I don't think I said they were mature.

Oh right yeah...I never did

Don't know where you got that from, I never ONCE said MS/Sony fanboys were mature


No...come on guys, dont disagree when I'm telling the truth and agree with the user above where they've came up with something out of thin air. It's especially the "LALALALALA...not listening" behavior I was talking about

Concertoine1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

I really hate when people generalize an entire fanbase as one person doing the same thing. Im sure there are morons in the nintendo fanbase, just as i am there are morons in the xbox and playstation fanbases, but nintendo are screwing themselves over, not us, we arent funding their failure because the wii u's not selling. Nintendo fans AREN'T buying the wii u, because of nintendo's decisions. I own a wii u but i generally buy every console a year after launch as long as there is games. but 4.3 million does not equate the entire fanbase, not even close.

Everyone was waiting for a VGX announcement, playstation 4 owners wanted U4 or something else new, xbox owners wanted halo 5, wii u owners wanted zelda. No one got any of that. EVERYONE's waiting for the next e3/announcement period, not specifically wii u owners.

2pacalypsenow1818d ago

MW2 was awesome the last good COD

EliteGameKnight1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

All fandoms are equally bad and good. One isn't better then the other. Each have loud, obnoxious, and biased members which is what outside groups see as the face of the fandoms. This of coarse stems from the foolish love of company over medium. Its perfectly fine liking a company for releasing good games, but we as gamers all play GAMES, not companies.

KonsoruMasuta1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )


All fans do that. Xbox fan do that when you bring up the power difference between the PS4 and XboxOne and how 720p does not look the same as 1080p. Sony fans do that when you bring up the Vita's abysmal sales.

Fanboyism is all round.

-Foxtrot1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )


The difference is though that even if both fans are waiting for something at gaming events they still have third party games to keep them going untill then because theres always something coming while they wait for more Halo 5 or Uncharted they can still play on Battlefield, Need for Speed, Assassins Creed 4, all the indie titles out there, Tomb Raider is coming up, WatchDogs, DriveClub, inFAMOUS etc

What has Nintendo got before E3.....Mario Kart?

Concertoine1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Well, Wii U owners also have Watchdogs, and AC4, as well as Mario Kart 8, DK, 3D World, Monster hunter, and others to play until e3. Hell, we dont know when FExSMT, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi, Smash, or X is coming out, who's to say they wont be out before e3 either? Wii u is also getting tons of indie support, that one F-Zero clone who's name escapes me, Project Cars, Pier Solar, Shantae, Shovel Knight, even some console exclusive indies like Armikrog and 90's Arcade Racer and A Hat in Time. There's plenty to play.

Look man, im pretty sure you don't even own a wii u. Correct me if im wrong. But basically imagine if the vita were a home console, and you get the wii u. Ostracized by many, crap advertising, presumptuous critics claiming "no gamez!", and a diehard fanbase that knows otherwise. While i understand the other platforms have more games coming, there's still too much coming out on wii u for my money to handle.

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ape0071818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

MW2 sucked??, it's one of the best games I've ever played, it has that VINTAGE ORIGINAL IW feel/intensity, amazing addicting MP(with some small faults), incredible SP, some of the best VG soundtrack of all time, great story, pacing and atmosphere, MW 2 is the last great CoD game, ghosts pales in comparison

and nintendo cannot get with times because they can't afford to compete against sony and MS, iwata even said it

CaptainN1818d ago

Right because Nintendo fans threaten to kill and not purchase a third party game because its exclusive to one platform...oh wait, that's right that's what Sony and MS fans do when they can get one game!!!


Chrischi19881818d ago

No, you guys are by far the worst, not Nintendo fans. They dont listen to your bs on nintendo articles, because you come here every single time and troll here. Where are the bad nintendo trolls on Sony articles? There might be one, but our area is flooded with your trolls. We all know the problems very well, but we actually support our plattform, because we like it and what do you expect, that we throw out our console, just that you are happy? How dumb is that? But you know what, you guys really are the worst. One time in an Xbox One article, I wrote something good about Xbox One, not even mentioning the PS4. I got accused by like 10 PS4 owners, to be an Xbox One fanboy, even though I would never get that system. And why did that happen, because I pointed out the goods and the bads, that is how far it goes, that never happens here. We try to stay logic and be optimistic and all you do is trying to crush that and you are not able to see that, like a small kid with bad parents, who to feel better, has to verbally attack other kids at school.

Ive never seen someone so incorrect with his statements. Really nobody ever said, one game will change it all, but you put words in our mouths. Yes, we said wait and it improved, what did you expect, 5 million sales in one month, it to outsell the just launched consoles? Do you really believe, that these launch sales numbers of the newly released consoles, during launch, right before christmas, truly reflect the sales in like march next year, that truly is delusional.

Talk about the worst, we are polite if we come to other plattforms articles and try to argument with logic, all you do is hating and trolling and you dont even get that.

You cannot understand, that all we want, is enough sales, so third party comes back, that is all we need, I personally can have a lot of fun with my console, even without it being sold like 100 million times, but as it seems, a PS4 fan cannot do this, the source of fun in that console is the sales number.

ALLWRONG1818d ago

Playstation fans are by far the worst. No other fanbase does things like that.

theizzzeee1818d ago

Nintendo will be fine. The reason although XBOX ONE and PS4 are hot right now they aren't really profitable right now. So in that sense they are in the same boat as the Wii U. Since Nintendo came out first you better believe they have more up their sleeve.

Shnazzyone1817d ago

All I know is I don't go on sony news and xbox news and talk smack because it's not my first choice in gaming. Yet I see Sony & M$ kids all over every single positive piece of Nintendo news.

That's probably why you can't think of attacking fanboy arguments... only defensive ones. Probably because we ARE more mature. If you hate a Nintendo fanboy... it's likely because you started a fight and we usually have better arguments to defend ourselves.

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UncleGermrod1818d ago

I agree with you, the "horsepower" wars have always lead to a bunch of illogical morons screaming back and forth. Nintendo fans are sort of disconnected from all this.

Concertoine1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

you kidding? a lot of miiverse is a circlejerk of fanboys shooting down xbox one and ps4 buyers. i mean its too be expected on a network composed entirely of wii u owners. ive met mature people on miiverse, but not anymore than say n4g. miiverse in a nutshell:
wii u launch: hey this is a nice system, decent games coming out soon

anyway, nintendo makes so much money off of software and merch alone, id argue they're more future-proofed then the xbox and playstation divisions even with the wii u selling worse. theyre very conservative with money, oftentimes to the detriment of their relationship with fans, but that has left them with a ridiculous financial cushion.

mediate-this1818d ago

Nintendo are futureproof, they dont have to worry about any division but gaming, maybe a subsidiary here or there, but they are gaming company true and through. Sony and micro have so many divisions to worry about. A crash would be bad, but ill always support gaming its my hobby.

Nevers0ft1818d ago

Yeah, it's ironic that the console most often labelled as a "kids" console has the most mature user-base. I'm not saying they're all like it but some of the online communities on the other consoles make me lose faith in humanity.

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P0werVR1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

It's simple, that's why I'm only interested in PC games and console exclusives. Count on it to be great games. Nintendo keeps it safe with consistency. So your looking too much into this.

Realplaya1818d ago

So if your consistently good that's a problem?

arbitor3651818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

that is the exact opposite of what is true. sony and microsoft are the ones breaking record sales in hardware and software and are going to outsell the wii u within a month. nintendo is the ONLY one crashing. after the holidays are over, the wii u will go back to selling 30K per week or less.

BosSSyndrome1818d ago

You did not even begin to look anywhere past the headline.

arbitor3651818d ago

i could tell from the beginning that it was just another piece of nintendo damage control but I watched up until he started using userscores on metacritic as evidence. the dude's just another desperate nintendo fanboy

herbs1818d ago

Arbitor you stated that you only watched the first few minutes of the video then you claim that its all just Nintendo damage control and its disingenuous and inept...
At least the guy in the video made some valid points and then backed them up with his findings like an intelligent individual. Your coments are the complete opposite you assume and then state your opinion, completely hypocritical and laughable...

mediate-this1818d ago

Say a year from now sony and micro are in nintendos position with the wii u, sure there breaking records, but say if they sales slow down to wii u's position. I say just wait a year, i feel fanboys are jinxing everything.

BosSSyndrome1818d ago

Very good video. It's actually pretty convincing.

DejectedJeff1818d ago

yeah, when he's not making AVGN analogies and such. and some incorrect facts such as the xbox division never turning a profit (having done so almost every year since 2008). but not a bad video at all.

arbitor3651818d ago

also, since when do youtube videos get approved on here?

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