Ranking the 5 Best New Features of the PS4

The PS4 has officially been in the hands of gamers for a month now, and for the most part those gamers who purchased one have been happy with its abilities. It suffered a bit in the network connectivity department during the US and European launches, but overall it’s been a pretty stable next-gen gaming console.

Sony made it clear that it focused on gaming while designing the PS4, which led to many of its new features that weren’t entirely present on the PS3. Five of these innovations truly stand out as noteworthy additions or changes to the Playstation way of gaming, and each one offers a reason to own a PS4. Head on down below to see the five best new features of the PS4, and to find out which one stands out from the pack.

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FRAKISTAN1793d ago

100 percent agree with all of them and none of those features requires you to have a PS+ membership unlike some other consoles