PlayStation Store Preview – December 17th, 2013: So Many PS Vita Games

This week you’re looking at total PS Vita dominance. It seems like the platform has very little games releasing for it each week, but when it does, like eight games release at once. Aside from that, this week’s highlight is definitely Minecraft: PS3 Edition - PSLS

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Sev3207d ago

For some reason I always read the word Minecraft with a heavy German accent. Try it, it's fun to say. Although I say it more like Minekrauft.

WeAreLegion3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Two people think it's not fun to say.

mikeslemonade3207d ago

Using the $10 credit I got from the PS4, I'm getting God of War: Ascension tomorrow.

BelkingOfSony3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

16 people think its not fun to say minecraft with a German accent


Hyper_Tension1403206d ago

If you keep mentioning it more people will likely to hit disagree:P

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I_am_Batman3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Thanks. Now I have the same problem.

Mein Kraft!

UnholyLight3206d ago

If you wanna get all technical, the Mine would be spelled Mein lol


WeskerChildReborned3206d ago

For some reason, I just read it normally. I don't know why but I do.

Satish133206d ago

Yeah, I've got a my own world named "MeinKraft" lol its pretty fun to say, especially with a Rammstein like deep voice.

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dbjj120883207d ago

Nothing for me this week.

vikingland13207d ago

I want me some PS4 games.

Maxor3206d ago

I'm dying for new PS4 content.

Raf1k13206d ago

Quite a few of us are but you have to remember that after only a month there isn't going to be much they can give you for free. They are paying the publishers to allow us free access afterall.

For the next year we'll be seeing more PS3 games than PS4. It'll be better after that once the PS4 has a better library of older games they can afford to give for free.

Rockefellow3206d ago

No one said anything about getting games for free. There are some of us who don't mind paying actual money for new games, you know-- it just so happens that not much is slated for the PS4 until next year.

Raf1k13206d ago

I completely understand but the biggest thing that has pulled people into paying for PS+ in the past has been the free games and the thing that people complain most about PS+ updates for PS4 is the lack of free games compared to PS3.

When looking at the comments on the Playstation blog this is quite apparent.

We're getting more PSN games for PS4 over time which is great but I'm simply addressing that which most people seem to have an issue with and trying to get them to understand that free PS4 games will come with time.

ramiuk13206d ago

putty,trine 2,flower.

off topic but whats happened with HOME?
i tried it on ps3 when it first launched(found it crap)i noticed its not on ps4 at moment but have they canned it totally?

thornh3207d ago

Ahh, Zen Pinball is supposed to be out for PS4 tomorrow as well. The new Dr. Strange table and 18 or so tables previously released on PS3. If you have the table on PS3 you get it on PS4 for free. Dr. Strange is $2.99.

harrisk9543206d ago

Not Zen Pinball... Pinball Arcade. Different games.

MoveTheGlow3206d ago

No really, Zen Pinball 2. I prefer PA, but both are making their way onto the PS4 tomorrow.

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