'The Division' interview: Communication, black market, driving, maps & much more

The Division is by far one of the most intriguing titles that is slated for launch during 2014, and with the following information we are about to share with you all, you are about to be intrigued even more.

In an interview discovered by, Mathias Karlson and Axel Rydby, who are The Division's lead game designer and design director, respectively, discussed major, major details about the upcoming open-world title.

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Visualift1767d ago

This game is just saturated with content. Can't wait to get ahold of it!

Tiechie1767d ago

Probably the most anticipated game that I'm waiting for. Looking awesome.

superbhoy1767d ago

driving?? was this the first time they said you could drive?

RuleNumber51767d ago

Well I mean they didn't 100% say you could drive. Sounds like it's something they haven't decided on or players will have to choose how they use the fuel they have. I would be shocked if driving wasn't a part of the game. It's definitely unclear though.

1767d ago
--bienio--1767d ago

Unfortunetly they gonna delay that game same like they did with watchdogs so 2015 sp dont care for at the moment...

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