Kevin Pereira Rants About Battlefield 4's Continued Issues

"No one's happy with the way Battlefield 4's launch has been handled, but few communicate why quite like Kevin Pereira."

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Snookies121765d ago

Kevin was the reason I watched G4 lol.

wtopez1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Kevin Pereira has a Podcast called Pointless and it's pretty awesome. The newest one features Geoff Keighley and there's lots of interesting questions answered about the VGX. I recommend you give it a try if you can.

Oops! Just realized what I'm recommending is actually where this clip is pulled from. My bad. Still there's a link if you're interested in jumping directly to the Keightley episode.

AliTheSnake11765d ago

Game works for me.
The crash to the Dashboard is happening with all games, including none EA games. It's a sony issue not EA issue. EA stated that a while back, but stupid people went apeshit thinking EA is blaming Sony.



So you're saying that BF4 crashing on all platforms it's released (including not only PS4 and PS3, but also Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC) is Sony's fault, not EA's or Dice's... Yeah, that makes sense. /s

AliTheSnake11765d ago

@bishop-br I don't know about the other platforms. The crash to the dashboard happens with all ps4 games. In fact it has happened with me more with PS4's exclusives.

Rockstar1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

@Ali...Don't own BF4 and not 1 game I have has crashed to the dash yet on my PS4.

zero_gamer1765d ago

My PS4 hasn't crashed once because I don't play BF4.

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Rikuide_Furame1765d ago

Exactly, and he's spot on though. The game was clearly not ready for launch and EA pushed it out anyway with this "Fix it later" attitude and, so far, all we've been offered in compensation for playing a beta is double XP (which is laughable when several issues still exist)

Cupid_Viper_31765d ago

Or as Septic would put it "Not Rushed"

Link to a little dust up we had a few days back.

J-R1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Great rant. The "fix it later" attitude is awful. We pay $60 for a game that isn't finished.

Thank god they don't make cars.

"So that new car we built... brakes don't work."
"That's okay we'll fix it later"

vegnadragon1765d ago

What happened to him now in days?

zeee1764d ago

kevin is a big yes. Sessler, no. Morgan? hell yeah cuz she was hottt.

creatchee1765d ago

I'm never going to be able to hear the Battlefield 4 theme again without picturing Trent Reznor farting into a distortion pedal.

Well played, Pereira. Well played.

frostypants1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Yeah, glad someone finally noticed how sh*tty the music composition is in the BF games...or at least the main series since BF2 (BF2, BF3, and BF4). The music sounds like its being played from an AM radio and recorded onto 8-track, then played back through a cell phone.

Which is weird, because the sound design is always phenomenal. Only the music sounds bad.

Insomnia_841765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

From what I hear and read, it looks like the PC and XBone versions of BF4 run pretty bad. Yes, it takes you to the main menu on PS4 at times too but that's about the only problem on PS4 that I have experienced since the very first update.

If you all have noticed, most of the rants and complaints are usually from PC and XBone users.

I already Platinumed the game and I'm on level 26 so far and like I said the only problem being when it crashes and takes you to the main menu sometimes. I've played for hours before the game crashes.

bunfighterii1765d ago

On PS4 I get CE errors (crash to home screen) on both the campaign and online and rubber banding.

The worst part though is the quality of the servers. Most times I simply get disconnected from a server, and fail to connect to the 'session' to begin with. The servers are so unstable. I can play long uninterrupted sessions on Ghosts or Shadowfall, but BF I'll be lucky to join a game let alone stay in it for longer than 10 minutes.

UnholyLight1765d ago

The latest update brought A LOT of stability to my experience on PS4 with BF4 at least. Weird cus my internet isn't that strong and yet I'm doing better than apparently a majority of N4G users. The only weird things I'm still encountering are the odd sound glitch at the start of a match (usually first 10seconds when it's loading textures) and the LMG's seem to fire a perfect silhouette around people even at point blank range they don't get hit marker properly!

towelie12881764d ago

not really bf4 runs really smooth on my X1
i do get crash every now and then but no where near since post-patch
when the game works its really fun

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frostypants1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

He's a smart guy. And the implication he was making towards the end is definitely true...these days when we buy games, we don't actually "own" them due to ridiculous IP laws, and we can't return them, we as consumers are screwed. We have literally no viable course of action if we buy a broken game. As a result, the publishers have no fear of putting out a broken product. Once they have your money, the transaction is over, short of a lawsuit. It sucks.

UnholyLight1765d ago

Seriously this guy is awesome. PREACH

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lonewolfjedi1765d ago

man what happened? these problems weren't in the beta

WorldGamer1765d ago

The problems could be many. BETA was limited to a smaller number of people, on a few maps. Limited game modes. Maybe they didn't anticipate the demand for the game, or the "Levolutio" could have cause other issues that were unexpected.

I'm not making excuses, as I am just as upset as the next person, but this game is ambitious to say the least. Kinda makes me interested to see what happens when Planetside 2 hits the PS4.

Overall, all the frustration is warranted. I hope DICE/EA learned their lesson and ensure a smoother release with subsequent BF titles. We shall see I guess.

GarrusVakarian1765d ago

" I hope DICE/EA learned their lesson and ensure a smoother release with subsequent BF titles. We shall see I guess."

I doubt it. The thing that makes me worried is the fact that DICE/EA are making the next Battlefront game :/ .....if that's going to just be a BF with a Star Wars skin and filled with bugs and glitches then im going to be beyond angry.

Duke191765d ago

I saw the stupid article photo and thought that AOTS was back.

Now im sad

Baka-akaB1765d ago

ANd yet "gaming journalists" didnt mention anything the whole time before release , nor even after in most reviews .

JonnyBigBoss1765d ago

It's in my review. I docked it points.

hello121765d ago

I don't know why they didn't use Microsoft Azure servers for Battlefield on xb1, least one platform might work.

Instead we have to put up with crappy Dice/EA servers, that crash all the time.

Omegasyde1765d ago

???dafuq???? LMAO

Yes because servers can fix all and any bugs!