Incredible Ryse Son of Rome 162 hit combo video

A video which shows off how to perform an impressive 162 hit combo in the rather divisive Ryse Son of Rome on Xbox One.

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Bigpappy1793d ago

A thing of beauty to be sure

georgenancy1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

beauty doesn't equal clunky repetitive combat and uninspired gameplay, sorry

Palaven1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Says someone who most likely hasn't even played the game. I found the combat far from clunky.

I guess all hack & slash games with similar combat are boring and repetitive then? I was glad to be able to play a launch game that is a new IP and isn't a generic FPS.

GrizzliS19871793d ago

yea i was like...ok thats great and all, but if youre seeing the same thing over and over and over again then wow...nothing special about a combo when the continuity grace period of the combo is that long, where you can freely walk to an enemy a few steps away and continue the combo. I was thinking you can juggle an enemy or something for over 160 moves, which would be pretty epic

nategrigs1793d ago

yeah the animations look pretty bad. 2:40 when the enemy was running into him was pretty funny

fossilfern1793d ago

We must of been playing two different games... or did you actually play the game?

georgenancy1793d ago

@Palaven,you can clearly see the combo being displayed in the attached video is incredibly boring and repetitive,i don't need to play the game to see that

KonsoruMasuta1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Palaven, I played it. The game is pretty and I give it that. The executions look cool at first but they get tiring to see after a while. Ryse relies on these cinematic executions too much and when you're not doing one, you're going through some of the most repeti repetitive fights ever.

This is why visuals should never be the main thing developers focus on. Because then you get a pretty game with average gameplay.

Bigpappy1793d ago

@georgenancy: I am more than curious as to why you choose to click on this Ryse topic? You obviously have no interest in the game.

georgenancy1793d ago

@Bigpappy i wanted to see this 'incredible' 162 hit combo that's why,but it turns out it was disappointing

@Palaven you seem to assume i'm a ps fanboy.The gameplay is repetitive!And to be honest i've never really liked killzone but in no way is it generic

loulou1793d ago

the game is quality! the reviews were overly harsh.

a solid foundation for what deserves to become a goo franchise

Theyellowflash301793d ago

Anybody who says Ryse Son of Rome's combat ISNT clunky hasn't played DMC 4, Bayonetta, God of War, or Ninja Gaiden.

Volkama1793d ago

Yellowflash that's like saying Gran Turismo is clunky because you can't dash between enemies. Ryse does not try to be like those games.

The combat is about timing, rhythm, and pattern recognition. It's not for everyone, but there really isn't any need to scream and shout about how it isn't to your tastes whenever a Ryse topic comes up.

spicelicka1793d ago

what freakin hack n slash game isn't repetitive?

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christocolus1793d ago


My brother and i had a blast playing that and crytek may continue work on the planned sequel and with god of war ascension director on board now,we can expect combat in the sequel to match the awesome graphics.

mhunterjr1793d ago

Yeah that actually looked like fun to me. I didn't pick it up with my xb1, but I'm hoping Santa gets it for me for Xmas...

KonsoruMasuta1793d ago ShowReplies(1)
Majin-vegeta1793d ago

*Dad-Sits down*
*Dad-Son we need to have a talk*
*Son-What is it papa?*
*Dad-Son I'm afraid Santa isn't real*

Son- :P

Volkama1793d ago

Mhunterjr, it's well worth a play through. If you have the option to rent or borrow that might be the way to go, as it's limited beyond that.

Or if you believe in the "vote with your wallet" theory then by all means vote.

mhunterjr1793d ago

That's the thing, it does look like a rental to me, but rental options are all died up where I live, so I probably won't play it until the price drops our someone buys it for me...

ricochetmg1793d ago reminds me of lair pretty but game play is horrible.

Convas1793d ago

Guess it's still cool to hate on Ryse.

KonsoruMasuta1793d ago

Cool to hate on Ryse? The game was average with a 61 metascore and a 5.6 user score on Metacritic. Just accept it. The game didn't completely such but it wasn't that great either. Gameplay obviously wasn't the focus. It was made to show off what the hardware can do with visuals and it did it's job well. It just failed on the gameplay side of things.

TheKayle11793d ago

best next gen graphics..
(i dont care and not judging gameplay)

georgenancy1793d ago

many seem to 'don't care' about your opinion

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