Xbox One owners reporting audio sync issues with Blu-ray movies at 24Hz

Neowin: As we mentioned in our review of the Xbox One, the console requires that users download a Blu-ray player app before it is able to play a movie. Now it seems a number of owners of Microsoft's newest console are reporting issues when playing DVD or Blu-ray movies.

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Mikelarry3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

"If this is not done soon I will be forced sell up and buy a certain competitors device."

not making an excuse for MS as this statement also grinds my gears when users say the same about the ps4 especially when the company in questions is aware of the issue and are looking into fixing the issue.

malokevi3208d ago

Wow, I noticed it watching the hunger games last week... and had only recently dialed down to 24hz. Glad to know I'm not going crazy.

I guess I'll bump it back up to 30hz and see if its fixed.

FRAKISTAN3208d ago

the worst feature is that the audio mixes when you swicth between a game and the tv. LOL

thrust3208d ago

Never once had this and i use it alot :/

i allways wonder if these people know how or what they are doing.

my grandad allways complained about his video player never recording what he asked it to it allways came down to him not setting it up right.

Nartzee-Ninja3208d ago

Its not the turning it on and off that will sort it, you have to hold the power button down on the console for 12 seconds so it can do a proper reboot.Worked for me and changed my settings to power saving untill they get a update for this.

Agent_hitman3208d ago

MS should fix this problem ASAP.

Cueil3208d ago

they are working on it and I don't have any issues with my BR

Kryptonite42O3208d ago

I'm surprised no bloggers or websites have posted about the crazy amount of people having issues with their live TV. Or maybe they have but I missed it. Figured something like that would be big news on N4G lol. Apparently there is an issue with a lot of peoples cable box's not being compatible with the x1, or they lose video signal when the xbox enters sleep mode.
If you haven't seen the message "We have lost your Tv Signal" consider yourself lucky.

On topic though, I have not had this issue. Although I can see where the frustration would come in. This is something that a $30 blu-ray player can do.. the $500 console shouldn't be having issues.

PsylentKiller3208d ago

Call or chat with a Microsoft representative. When I called, they took me through an advanced type of power cycle. It helped with the TV issue.

Cueil3208d ago

I think that the lost TV Signal thing is something to do with how some cable boxes send information only when they get a secure HDMI connection to the TV

ZeroX98763208d ago

well we're gamers first and TV viewing is clearly not a priority.

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The story is too old to be commented.