What If: The Next DC Comics Game Is Threshold: The Hunted?

Masoud of DualShockers writes:

"For the last few years we've had a steady stream of Batman: Arkham games coming, with the last in the series--Arkham Origins--having released on October 25th. Since Warner Bros Montreal developed the game in Rocksteady's absence (while oddly using Rocksteady's engine and assets) it not only made me curious as to what other game(s) Rocksteady could be developing, but what other properties DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive could (or should) be working on.

With Injustice: Gods Among Us storming the fighting game genre, what other kinds of games and genres could DC Comics' franchises explore?

Well, what if the next DC Comics Game is the 'Running Man' in space series 'Threshold: The Hunted?'"

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Baka-akaB3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

Theories are nice and all . But there is no way DC or Marvel would put forth games about unsuccessfuly books with such obscure characters that arent even an option for TV , cartoons and movies .

Everything described in the article can just fit in a green lantern wide universal game , if they care to do it

JohnnyTower3459d ago

They could always rip-off Marvel's Ultimate Alliance. That game had a stellar premise and great fan service. I like super hero dungeon crawlers.

DarthJay3459d ago

That seems to me like the DC equivalent of asking Marvel if they could make a video game for Karnak of The Inhumans. You know, a character that barely has hopes of even being acknowledged in a video game?

Baka-akaB3459d ago

Yeah no amount of disagrees is going to turn an ignored , unpopular , unsuccessful (sales wise) character or franchise , into a video game prospect :p