Assassin's Creed 4: I’m on a boat... and it sucks

GameZone's Brianna Peterson writes, "The open sea. The sky seems endless, the waves are crashing against your ship, and your crew won’t stop singing the same goddamn pirate songs! Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag expands on and centralizes the naval aspects that gained much praise in AC3, however; after playing the game for hours I began to feel seasick."

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SuicideKing1768d ago

I think the open world ocean and the boat progression is very original and I'm glad Ubisoft is changing things up. I think most people would agree that with a yearly franchise true changes are welcome.

-Foxtrot1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Yeah but only changes which fit the overall games theme would be welcome

I don't see how boats and naval battles (which get boring after a while) are very Assassin like.

They should be focusing on bringing in more Assassin like gameplay. Take downs, stealth elements like crouching, disguises, more weapons, different ways to kill your target etc.

They are turning AC into a different franchise and if this sort of thing is happening then they should just create a new IP with these new changes

GarrusVakarian1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I find it highly amusing how a game called Assassins Creed 4 has a main character who isn't officially an assassin at any point in the entire game.

Brilliant pirate game (does eventually get repetitive though), but as an Assassins Creed sucks. Locate, tail,kill....locate,tail,kill over and over, simple level set outs (bush here, bush there, conveniently placed tree here, conveniently placed wooden boxes there) seriously bad AI with basic patrolling paths, easy, dumbed down combat, annoying free running, boring story, tedious modern day sections.

This is a pirate game with a tacked on, half baked assassin story. The only character i cared for was Edward and even he was just one dimensional like Connor was. They should have just made it a spin off called Pirates Creed - Black Flag.

Look back to AC1 and AC2 then look at this......hardly the same franchise. They couldn't even be bothered to create a new modern day ancestor so they scrapped that idea and changed it to the animus being a VR headset that employees wear to play memories of people who lived 100's of years ago.....this allows UBi to keep grinding those games out every year without having to put any effort into the main, modern day ancestor.

This tired franchise needs a break, the combat and free running need completely overhauling. The writers for the story need firing and replacing, the level designers and AI people need firing. I want to like the next game, and the next....but i know its just going to be more of the same set in a different location.

But i don't dislike the entire game, the sailing and ship combat was excellent, i really enjoyed that....but it shouldn't have had as big a role as it did in an ASSASSINS CREED game.

-Foxtrot1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


I know...I like it but I don't see how people think of it as an AC game. If it was called AC3: Black Fags then at least you can just brush it off as a spin off like Brotherhood or Revelations

I don't get people who support changes which don't fit the actual theme of the franchise because in the end the developer will end up going too far.

The disagrees above prove that.

Wouldn't of people rather of had a new Pirate IP since Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was cancelled

"Look back to AC1 and AC2 then look to this......hardly the same franchise."

So true...AC2 is the best main AC game we've had

princejb1341768d ago

@ Lukas
Dam dude your a tough critic. Their ain't no impressing you is there. I do agree with some of your points maybe the pirate team wasn't very Assasin like however it's a great game. I enjoyed it, especially you say that this game is repetitive but what assasins creed game isn't. Ac1 had the same 4 mission over and over till they switched it up a bit in ac2. Even though is repetitive I still enjoy climbing buildings and just killing the soldiers as easy as the combat is. I could easily defeat a group of 20 soldiers on my own and still enjoy the gameplay.
Ubisoft should however give this series a break for a while and when they bring it back remove the animus thing cause that's the most retarded part of all assasins creed game

GarrusVakarian1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

"@ Lukas
Dam dude your a tough critic. Their ain't no impressing you is there"

There is, did you not read the part where i praised the sailing aspect? Im just sick and tired of Ubi raping what used to be one of my favourite franchises.

I loved AC when it was about Assassins vs Templars, had conspiracies, fun platforming sections, great story, awesome missions.

"you say that this game is repetitive but what assasins creed game isn't"

I agree, 100%....but that was a fresh game back then......the fact they are STILL doing the same missions and mission layouts in beyond lazy.

The only reason i come across as so angry and hateful towards this series is because i once loved it....before Ubi got those milking gloves on. Now it seems they couldn't care less about story and only care about creating a bad ass who kills and blows stuff up.

monkeyDzoro1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I thought I was the only one to think like this.
I played all AC games...

ACI was very tedious gameplay, good story, charismatic characters.

ACII and ACB (the best IMO) more fluid gameplay, solid plot, good characters, and you felt that you was part of a creed with your apprentices you could train and call when you wanted.

ACR good gameplay, lame story, ok characters, not that relevant in the franchise

ACIII... boring. I stopped after 10hours.

ACIV very good and fluid gameplay, ok story, ok characters BUT you at the opposite of ALL the previous ACs, you don't feel like an Assassin. You feel more like a pirate 90% of the game. People say "It's good they made changes", yes, BUT it's no more Assassin's Creed. They didn't manage to make the changes and keep the core of the series.

It shouldnt have been called ACIV but "Pirate's Creed IV - Black Flag".

Sketchy_Galore1768d ago

At this point the 'Assassin' in Assassin's creed is really only referring to the group of people fighting the group of people known as the Templars. We saw where the names of these groups came from in the first game. As time has progressed these groups have found new and varied ways to fight each other. The Assassins are no longer simply about stealthily assassinating people just like the Templars are no longer Knights of the temple fighting Muslims in the Holy land.

Having said that I do wish this game was its own thing rather than an Assassin's creed game. Partly just because I would rather be dressed like a pirate than wearing a hooded costume but mostly because Assassin's creed's story has become such a convoluted mess with its hokey first civilization nonsense, which seemed cool at its reveal at the end of AC2 when it still seemed vague and mysterious but was beyond a joke by the time I was being drunk-texted racial abuse by Juno in AC3.

LOGICWINS1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

"It shouldnt have been called ACIV but "Pirate's Creed IV - Black Flag"

All of you are missing whats right under your noses. AC4: Black Flag is an EXPERIMENT by Ubisoft to see how interested people are in the traditional AC experience. Notice the rating system for each mission.

If Ubisoft tabulates the data and sees that people are spending more time pirating than any other activity in the game, then they will end the AC franchise prematurely and create a full-fledged pirate simulator.

Even Ubi knows that the story will crumble under its own weight if they continue to make too many more games.

Oh and for the people who say the combat is "too easy", thats not a con. Its a design choice. Not all games need to be difficult, its about the experience. Yakuza games are the same way.

uncharted561768d ago

dont agree with you guys. Really enjoying the game meself matey. In all seriousness the game is more about an individual with no real ambition then money and no principles getting involved within the feud of assassins vs templars and then slowly becoming an assassin. I like that game doesn't focus too heavily on assassins vs templars concept until end. Gives a good break from the story of past games. More so ever assassins creed games have never been about 2012 or assassins vs templars but more about just creating a game in a unique time period and location in history and relieving that.

phantomexe1768d ago

@ Lukas_Japonicus then you didn't play it to the end. I use to think the same thing but then i played it. It all makes sense in the end and it runs into the AC forsaken novel perfectly. I enjoyed it a great deal but i hope future AC games don't overuse this formula and go back to more classic AC formula.

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ragincrinz1768d ago

the title of this makes me angry. this game is amazing you can stop your crew singing if you want and you can get loads of songs very quick so you hardly hear the same song. the whole article is a joke

Callediceman1768d ago

It sounds like this reviewer has the attention span of a gnat..

LOGICWINS1768d ago

I spent two hours last night destroying/looting ships alone. Its a game on its own to be honest. Really fun :)

And those sea shanties never get old IMO.

kneon1768d ago

But it does get boring pretty fast. I've looted over 300 ships if I recall and it soon stopped being a challenge once I got the first few upgrades.

LOGICWINS1768d ago

300? DAMN, I don't even think I've reached 50 yet! Have you been able to board those Royal ships? The ones with 10,000 Reales?

Regis1768d ago

You obviously never had to fight 2 Man-of-Wars, 4 Frigates, 2 Brigs and 6 gunboats huh?

kneon1768d ago

I have my ship fully upgraded so other than the legendary ships no battle is too challenging.

They've made it easy by allowing you to board ships in the middle of a battle. So when you have all those ships after you it's actually easier than just taking on a couple of Man-o-wars on their own. You just take out a schooner or brig, board it, fix your ship and continue.

LOGICWINS1768d ago

Wow, well obviously you REALLY enjoyed the game if you took the time to take down 300 ships and fully upgrade the Jackdaw.

kneon1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I did enjoy it and it is the best AC game since AC2. But there are still so many things wrong with this game that you'd think they would have fixed by now. The controls are still often wonky, the camera has problems during combat, etc. These are issues that have been there since the beginning.

And I just checked and it's 320 ships. But I did finish the main story.

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Legacy2121768d ago

Sounds like the author has ADD. Who picks up assassins creed and thinks it is skyrim? Why even make the comparison? Also assassins creed always had imaginary walls in it lol. Im on memory 4 but this author sounds like a baby

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