Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Collector’s Edition Detailed, Vita Release Date

The long awaited HD remaster of Final Fantasy X/X-2 gets a release date on the PlayStation Vita as well as a collector's edition for PS3!

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bulbulito1767d ago

Ahhhhh I can finally go back to the game and finish it! Day 1!

Nabbic1767d ago

Is this just US or US and EU?
Please be EU.

dannphou1767d ago

It's for both, but it come out 3 days later than the US version...

STK0261767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Does anyone know the price for the combo pack for the Vita version? From what I can see the PS3 edition costs 40$, and I hope I won't have to pay more to get both games on the Vita...

Edit : Never mind, the playstation blog post seems to say it will cost the same.

porkChop1767d ago

So are they bundled together in one case for Vita then? SE said that they would be sold separately because they needed 2 cartridges. I'd rather just buy FFX HD for $20 because I thought X-2 sucked.

STK0261767d ago

I think, from what I read, that you can either buy them separately on the PSN, as a bundle on the PSN, or buy FFX at a retail store. Buying FFX at a retail store will score you a FFX-2 PSN code.

I suspect buying both either as a PSN bundle or at retail will cost 40$, while buying the two individually could potentially cost more.

aLucidMind1767d ago

The collector's edition is slightly disappointing to me. As much as I love FFX, artbooks are always full of images easily found for free on Google Image. Would be better if there was a statue or a high-quality accessory like a necklace or something. But that's just me, not knocking on those who are excited to get the artbook and exclusive packaging.

kayoss1767d ago

Totally agree with you. It would be an epic statue if they release one that re-capture the scene where Tidus held Yuna from the back while fading away. I will definately pay good money for that.

aLucidMind1767d ago

I would love a statue of Sin itself, but that would be a great one to have on the shelf as well.

Frodosmugins1767d ago

so for $40 I get both games and I can play on vita or PS3!?

or is it going to be Dragon Crown style where I need to buy one on each system!

tiffac0081767d ago

Sadly, they are not cross-buy.