Open Letter To Sony: Watch It With The Adverts

NowGamer: "Like many of you I’ve been playing with the PS4 quite a lot over the past couple of weeks. It’s undoubtedly a brilliant console. Well done, Sony, well done.

But there is concern."

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Ted_Breakfast1770d ago

Watch it indeed. We don't want the PS4 going the way of the Xbox 360 when it comes to ads on the dashboard.

iamnsuperman1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

This method isn't that intrusive (which are the worst type of ads). Though we do need to be careful. As long as it stays there and we don't get video ads with noise things should be fine (though I would rather they advertise PSN/Sony content rather than third party stuff)

CuddlyREDRUM1770d ago

If you are saying only video ads are intrusive, that is music to Sony's ears.

They need to chill out with the ads in PS Store, and stop putting ads for PS Plus in that section when I already paid for it.

iamnsuperman1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )


That was merely and example. Pop up ads/pre video content ads (plus other types) are intrusive. But banner ads... (something out of the way) are not really intrusive. I do agree with you that we shouldn't get them as we pay for the service. However, I am not going to have a fit over a small picture advert on the what's new section (which isn't the home page of the PS4s xmb) or a banner/picture on the store (along as it doesn't get in the way of me using the service).

AaronMK1770d ago

We might say these are not intrusive, but all of these "non-intrusive" ads slowly add up to being generally intrusive and diluting of the experiences for which you are paying, and they usually try to ween people in to ads being bigger and bigger parts of those experiences.

After paying $400 for a device, $60 for games and probably $60 for PS+ each year, paid ads have NO place outside of sections where they are specifically requested.

MightyNoX1770d ago

Funny you should mention that, I was sent this article about the evolution of the 360 dashboard. It's quite shocking how it evolved over time

curtis921770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

to me there's a difference between advertising what's gone up on PSN and.. a car commercial. The PSN ads have been informative to me in the past. Same on 360. As long as it pertains to something that deals with my console. It's the car ads and military ads and things like that, that aren't welcome to me.

Volkama1770d ago

Would be good if there was some sensor that could be used along with other metrics to determine what adverts are interesting to you, so they can better target them and increase the chances that the products advertised are things you'd want to see.

DragonKnight1770d ago

On the Xbox One that's called Kinect spying and using biometric data and your reactions to tailor ads to you.

It isn't welcome.

Darrius Cole1770d ago


But is it spying if they tell you outright that it is watching, always?

DragonKnight1770d ago

@Darrius Cole: They didn't say it's watching all the time, they said it's listening all the time. But, allegedly, you can opt in to have it watch and collect biometric data. That wouldn't be spying in the strictest sense, but it's too early in the morning for me to think of the word that represents what it actually is.

Either way, it's wrong.

Also, TED proved why tailored search results and ads are wrong anyway.

ravinash1770d ago

I love the way they spend all this money gathering information about their customers (this is anyone including google, MS etc) and their viewing habits, and then they just ignore their findings and chuck any old s*** at you anyway.

Also, when I go round looking for something to buy... once the ads start popping up for it, usally I've already got it, so don't need the advertising by that stage!

Volkama1770d ago

@Ravinash some of the recommendations are... tenuous.

Watch Pink Panther the Movie now!
(Recommended because you watched Terminator).

^^Genuine example that kept coming up on my 360 dashboard.

iceman061770d ago

@ravinash...the reason that random junk in thrown at you, although the metadata should indicate otherwise, is that it's really not used for those particular companies. They benefit much more by selling that metadata to ad firms who then place it in clients hands...who then decide that YOU are THEIR target market...regardless of if you are or aren't...cuz, you know...MONEY!?!?

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DanielGearSolid1770d ago

Also its in the Whats New section.

If ads were listed on the dynamic menu, or popped up and made you have to manually close them I'd understand. But these promotions are so easy to ignore... I don't see it as an issue at all

CuddlyREDRUM1770d ago

It isn't an issue for you, but it is an issue for a lot of people.

MaverickStar71770d ago

Ads or promos for things that are available on the psn are not really ads to me. Its just part of the psn. Telling me about a game on sale, a movie on sale, or some new dlc I didn't know about is fine with me. I can even live with an ad that at least has to do with a cross promotion deal or a contest. A lot of that stuff goes on is PS Home. But random things that have zero connection to playsation or xbox, no, no.

CuddlyREDRUM1770d ago

PSN also runs ads for Amazing Spider Man 2, which is coming out next Summer, because it is a Sony Pictures flick. Why in the world am I seeing something like that, and why don't I get to choose not to see it?

When we start saying, "Oh well", to everything... we get stuff like what is happening now on PSN and Live. The idea that I am paying a subscription service to a console I already paid for and seeing ads I don't want to see doesn't make sense.

The subscription service means I am paying a premium, and shouldn't have to see twenty ads in twenty seconds if I choose not to.

DanielGearSolid1770d ago

So whats next?

"OMG, I shouldn't have to see these billboards on the highway because I pay toll"

Get over it and keep moving

MaverickStar71770d ago

You assume that because you pay for a subscription service you shouldn't have to see ads. I'm sure its not in your terms of service.

People don't get that advertising is not all about making money for the company, but raising funds to offset the cost to the consumer. Its the same reason you have commercials, print ads, and internet advertising. Many of these services are being delivered to the consumer below cost.

Unless its some obtrusive pop-up ad that prevents me from doing anything for a certain period of time, most ads are harmless.

Tiechie1770d ago

I wouldn't be too bothered, if they had us fill out a small survey with a few tick boxes. Which then could send us ads for the stuff we have actually ticked like, I would tick sci-fi for films and rpg for games. Then at least I'm getting ads for things I'm interested in, instead of crappy romantic comedy's and anything with Ben stiller.

iamnsuperman1770d ago

Why do a survey when you preferences (what films you rent/watch or what games you play) can tell them that information

CuddlyREDRUM1770d ago

You are asking, "Why have a preference... when they already know what you want to see"?

I don't want that, and that is why PSN in the past year has become just as bad as Live. There is no reason to pay for a console, pay for a subscription service, and then get ads tailored to you because they have tons of data on everything you have ever watched/played.

I would get Xbox Live adverts based on some trailer I watched several years ago. The fact that that info was stored somewhere so they can put up better ads and make more money off those better ads is alarming to me. The fact that I am paying money to see them makes me feel idiotic.

DanielGearSolid1770d ago

Open Letter to Adam Barnes... Stop being a b****

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