J-Stars Victory Versus Won’t Have Paid DLC Characters

Namco Bandai held an event for J-Stars Victory Vs. and one of the key details at the presentation is the crossover fighting game will not have any additional characters that will be paid DLC. Impress

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fardan851769d ago

hopefully they will go tekken tag 2 road. all characters free to all.

muttsurini1769d ago

The only paid dlc I want is costumes that are bundle.

Rikuson11769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Agreed I wouldn't mind seeing a Goku Outfit Pack for $4.99
It should include
1) GT Outfit
2) Saiyan Outfit
3) Yardrat Outfit
4) Casual Jacket Outfit
5) Sage Mode Outfit
(Last one i don't care for but I know it'll sell to the Naruto fans)

king_george1769d ago

That god. What a horrible trend

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