Tsutaya Sales Ranking (Dec 9 -15)

Tsutaya has released their latest video game sales ranking for the week between December 9 to December 15.

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Metallox1769d ago

Super Mario 3D World and Lightning Returns were huge flops, but at least they are maintaining, even some weeks after their launches.

rextraordinaire1768d ago

Given it's sequel status, I don't believe it's such a huge flop. Still sells much more than most JRPGs on the market.

Theyellowflash301768d ago

Super Mario 3D World was not a flop. Mario games sell over time. Stop looking at it from a week to week basis. Check back in a year or so and see how the sales are.

worldwidegaming1768d ago

3DS all day and night. The Japanese prefer handheld games hands down. When I go to Japan I think I will pick up Lightning returns in the bargain bin. That Nobunaga game is EXPENSIVE! (like 8000 yen!)

wonderfulmonkeyman1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Not surprising to see the 3DS and its games selling so well.
Street pass is a huge thing in Japan thanks to how tightly packed their population is in some areas.