This is why the Call of Duty Community Will Never be Taken Seriously

Call of Duty's community is mostly made up of young tweens and under aged children. Kids who are transitioning from their Super Mario and Pokemon phase find comfort in Call of Duty's "noob" friendly gameplay. The rest who are of an appropriate age to play, act like the d*&#$% bag in the video below.

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Kemistri1767d ago

Nothing intimidates more than when your voice gets so high only a dog can hear your smack talk...

DragonKnight1766d ago

That's why dogs are in CoD: Ghosts.

Bimkoblerutso1766d ago

How...does a human being even make that noise?

Dee_911766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I cant even front
this is what me and my cousin do playing madden... or any sport in general.
This was all in good sport though.Its nothing like that online in reality, its 90% racism 10% sexism

SilentNegotiator1766d ago

"Call of Duty's community is mostly made up of young tweens and under aged children"

...he said, backed by absolutely no facts.

MRMagoo1231766d ago


All you need to do is jump on COD and get in a room of ppl with mics, thats all the proof needed.

Dee_911766d ago

Yea you can do that with just about any game...

SL1M DADDY1766d ago

Sorry, but in nearly ever match I have played in the last several weeks has not had a single kid yelling into the mic. Oh, and for those who are still to stupid to figure it out, there is a mute function and party chat...

SilentNegotiator1765d ago


Wow, that's some hard-hitting, scientific research right there. Okay, you've convinced me.


DragonKnight1765d ago

@SilentNegotiator: Would it help you to know that Infinity Ward pretty much said it is themselves?

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UnholyLight1766d ago

Video summed up in one comment.

Assert manliness by yelling maniacally at teammates and the enemy. Make sure everyone in the entire building know you be PWNIN NEWBZ

Anon19741766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Here's me at the start of every single multiplayer match ever.

"Aaaaannnnd....mute mute mute mute mute mute mute mute mute mute."

No clue why games like this don't have a "mute all" option. It'd be so much easier. I don't know if they do now because I don't think I've played a multiplayer game in a couple of years, but even when I did... a mute all option would have been handy.

Fairchild Channel F1766d ago

Your comment made me chuckle because I do the exact same thing. If it's not some fool like in the video it's girlfriends/wives screaming in the background, kids crying that they want to play, etc.....

Serenity Now!!!

guitarded771766d ago

Yeah, I'm with you. That's one reason I really like battlefield, my friends and I can just get in a squad and bulls#!t while we play. We're not even competitive, we just play for fun, and it's a way for us to hang out since we live all over the place now. But we tend to do very well when we play together... usually taking the top 4 spots on the leaderboards of the match. Playing with others offers a clear advantage, but I have to play with people I like. I can't play with asshats like in the video. The one's I hate most are the people who play music over the headset... I want them to die.

DealWithIt1766d ago

One particular dude had some shitty music in the background all the freakin time I was playing once. That was SO annoying, everyone just left the game in the middle of in 30seconds.

Tetsujin1766d ago


Thats #2 on my list, #1 is breathing in the mic.


And this is why I don't play with just anyone online, especially with a mic.

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Mikelarry1767d ago

buhahahaha calm down once you let emotions get the best of you you start making noobish mistakes like " seeing two enemies and killing the guy in front first instead of the buy behind"

DeadRabbits1767d ago

He sounded like his Ballzac retreated into his body and he re entered prepubescence!

DragonKnight1766d ago

There is something seriously wrong with that kid. I mean wow, he reminds me of this kid...

Except that kid was joking.

Insomnia_841767d ago

...and then I saw the Xbox 360 logo and it all made sense.

Septic1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Why is that? Is the COD crowd on PS3/4 made up of really civil and sophisticated people listening to Mozart and wishing everyone a good game?

"Jolly good show chap. I commend thy abilities. I feel compelled to invite thee to some tea and scones"

There was another video of COD gamers (in the UK iirc) being even more abusive and juvenile, insulting mums, abortion jokes etc. That was cringe worthy.

The guy in the video would probably wind me up but remember, its also a mental game (although COD is hardly the most challenging of FPS').

RamsesNum11767d ago

hahahah, I commend thy abilities too. The video you're referring to is embedded in the article too.

Septic1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Ah Ramses cheers for that. Sorry I missed it. Yeah, that guy would annoy the heck outta me.

OMg re-watched that video. Sorry but this kid thinks he's playing from the safety of his bedroom.

Honestly, who here wouldn't just go up the kid and lamp him across the face for calling you a p***k and d***head? Trash talk is one thing but seriously, that is taking it too far.

If I was in charge of the event I'd disqualify anyone who chats like that.

I don't remember anything like this happening in Counter Strike in the days of the 4Kings etc.

dantesparda1767d ago

"Why is that? Is the COD crowd on PS3/4 made up of really civil and sophisticated people listening to Mozart and wishing everyone a good game?

"Jolly good show chap. I commend thy abilities. I feel compelled to invite thee to some tea and scones""

Why that's exactly what they act like, lol. No but seriously, WOW! just WOW! i have not played COD in years but damn thats terrible. Pathetic really.

frostypants1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I played Modern Warfare on the PS3 and the others on the 360 (to play with a buddy of mine...though I will never buy another Infinity Ward CoD again).

The 360 crowd is much, much, much worse. MUCH worse. I don't know why, but it is.

Septic1767d ago


You probably think that because people actually talk on the 360 version

DragonKnight1766d ago

@Septic: Firstly, thanks for the image of high society British CoD players. That was hilarious.

Secondly, I think the saying "It's better to be silent and thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt" would apply to the slight jab you made at the Playstation online community.

Also, it could be that many PS gamers are adults who grew up playing games pre-online and are simply used to focusing on the game rather than inane chatter.

Conzul1766d ago

Well this is awkward.

I DO listen to Mozart whilst gaming. It mixes very well with Resogun.

And I simply ADORE tea.

XisThatKid1766d ago

I def listen to mozart, whatevs. I dont get it.

DealWithIt1766d ago

1) I love Mozart.

2) I own PS3.

3) I am polite (not quiet) during online game plays.

4) I despise anyone who is impolite and disproportionately loud, stupid while playing online games.

Hmm...may be there IS a connection between these things.

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mrpsychoticstalker1767d ago

Lol, stop the trolling Mr, the only reason you see an xbox logo its because this game actually works on xbox live. The PS Notwork is a different story.

kingdip901767d ago

That's everything wrong with gaming right there in that video. When he grows up he can transition into his super Mario and pokemon games phase

Iltapalanyymi1767d ago

I can pretty much sum this up to one picture. Or maybe two.

frostypants1767d ago

"9.8/10 - IGN
'It's okay'"


DragonKnight1766d ago

LMFAO! That picture is awesome. You made my morning. XD

HonestDragon1766d ago

Nice! That is too hilarious!