Battlefield 4 PS4 review (Gamer Thumb) - Great, but only when it works

Gamerthumb: "Far too often we were kicked out of a multiplayer game only to be shown a PlayStation error code and then given the option to submit an error report (which we did).

Since November 29, I’ve played the hell out of my PS4 and haven’t experienced errors except when playing Battlefield 4.

It’s a great shame because when the game works it runs at a silky smooth 60fps and in glorious 1080p. Unlike its previous-generation impostors which only cater for 24 players in a single game, Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One caters for up to 64-players, offering an authentic Battlefield experience (when you can stay in the game)."

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mrpsychoticstalker1768d ago

Bf4 runs perfectly on xbox live.