PlayStation 4 coming soon to Hong Kong

AliveGameZone - Hong Kong, be ready to face the launch of PlayStation 4… Soon!

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dericb111794d ago

That is a big market to release in. Good luck Sony.

nope1111793d ago

When did China started to allow consoles? i thought there were some kind of ban.

KonsoruMasuta1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Last I heard, the ban was being lifted.

Anyways, won't matter. China is PC land, they love their MMO's, MOBAS, and things of the sort. If MS and Sony want to compete there, they better get ready to make some deals to get some of those online PC games on consoles.

DrakenSilverwing1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Well.. funny enough there will be some good MMO's goin to the consoles, and ps4 for example is getting FFXIV here in a few months. that might help.

ShinMaster1793d ago

What 'Draken' said is true. There are MMOs and other online games coming to PS4.

Also one of the reasons why PC dominated China was because of that console ban.

Tapani1793d ago

Hong Kong is a specialized market zone in China and works under it's own jurisdiction.

There are several western "trade-zones" in the new big China and they all work very similar to our European or North American busy cities.

They are much more like you than you think :)

James-GAMES1793d ago

Wow no more ban in china this is huge for consoles! We could be talking 10s of millions more console sales.

dalibor1793d ago

Interesting to see what happens. China has the potential to have the biggest gaming market of all in the world only rivaled by India I would think.

Ausbo1793d ago

They could very well be, but both china and india are poorer than say, European countries or the USA.
Not sure a lot of people can buy these consoles, but hey im no expert in world economics.

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