Have The New Systems Cured Your "Generation Fatigue?"

If you were complaining of "generation fatigue" throughout 2013, now that the new consoles are here, do you feel cured? Are you once again excited?

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admiralvic1794d ago

The only fatigue I have, is fanboy fatigue, which I hoped would have died down or ended by now (because we finally got some changes and the cards were reshuffled). Ever since the new generation launched, it seems like any news for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is instantly spinned to fit peoples agendas. Wii U has it the worst, since it seems like both sides are actively trying to undermine anything good for the console.

Maybe things will get better when we have more to do on our consoles, but right now I actually liked things before the PS4 and Xbox One were announced. At least then everyone wasn't trying to ultimately one up everyone else and we had some level of peace.

WolfLeBlack1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I was never fatigued, but had lost some of my passion for games. I can't say the new consoles have solved that, though, primarily because I've not yet had an experience with them yet that feels "next-gen." I've not had that moment where I think to myself, "Yeah, this is why I got the new consoles."

So far everything I've played is no different from the Xbox 360 or PS3, just with upgraded graphics.

EDIT: Sorry, I didn't mean to add this as a reply :D

PsylentKiller1794d ago

For me, AC4, DR3 and Ryse satisfy that question of "Why did I buy a PS4 and a XB1 right now?"
The graphics of AC4 on PS4 are awesome. They could have been better but they are still wowing me right now.
Ryse is so pleasing to the eyes. Sometimes I just stand in one spot and rotate the camera to gawk at how we have this level f graphical fidelity at the start of a console life cycle.
DR3, while not the prettiest, has shown what these systems can do from a non graphical standpoint. So many zombies, so many ways to kill them. DR2 turned me away from the series but DR3 reeled me back in. This game is unbelievably fun.
I am wishing for more games soon though. Something that will take much more than 7 hours to complete. I'm hoping Fable doesn't disappoint. Fable 3 was OK but Fable 2 was so addicting.

theXtReMe11794d ago

I never put a name to it, but this is exactly what I had about three or four years into the generation. I was ready for a Nextgen machine three years ago, when I took my first break from gaming after 30 years . Playing games became more of a chore after I'd already beaten 130 of them and felt like every game that was releasing was just an extension of the last, with different visuals.

The new machine, the PS4, has gone a long way in getting me back into playing and enjoying games once again. I think it's the feel of not knowing what is coming next and the upgraded visuals that help bring the worlds alive. When a generation extends on too long, and developers max out what the systems can do… You end up with me too, copycat games that make every title play and feel the exact same way. With very few exceptions.

I think every generation should last only five years, so that games can stay on the cutting edge of technology and bring forth experiences that just can't be achieved with older hardware. While games like last of us, show that sometimes there is a bit of life left, those games tend to be few and far between all of the me too shooters and action games that release. Which makes the end of the generation feel stale and nonproductive anymore. The birth of new hardware brings new life and more extensive possibilities to games and the developers that make them. The PC only makes current possibilities look better, but never play different. Which is why it is always the birth of new consoles, that change the games we play and not the upgrade in PC graphics cards.

I bring up the PC, because it was inevitable that someone was going to tell me to just turn to the PC for all my gaming needs, if I wanted the latest in technology. Whereas, consoles are almost always the lead development platform for most games and therefore the PCs are limited to whatever they produce for the consoles themselves. Which is why the gameplay tends to always remain the same on cross platform titles...

In closing, yes the new generation has ushered in a newfound excitement for gaming for me. Without a new machine, I wouldn't have played a game again until one released. Bored of current generation offerings.

urwifeminder1794d ago

PC saved me that problem gave me lots of different experiences.

Rage1Fighter1794d ago

Things are still just a bit to buggy to enjoy. The new UI for xbox one is too complicated. All the new features are nice and all but the simplicity for gaming that was on the 360 is gone. The games look much nicer, but the pace just feels stagnant. Some new upcoming games look nice so maybe that will help, but I hope they tweek the UI with an update or two.