Where is the Need for Speed Rivals 2015 Ford Mustang on PS4?

Hardcore Gamer: It appeared on Xbox One almost instantly and has was added into the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 versions the same day. But where is the PS4 version?

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rogXue1820d ago

I'm guessing PS4 was accidentally left off a contract somewhere :D

fedex6821820d ago

Is it just me who feels that EA has been behaving a little weird towards Sony this new generation?

Beastforlifenoob1820d ago

EA is xbox fanboys... They are so troll.

Kryptix1820d ago

Could be that EA were one of the main supporters of DRM for the Xbox One while Activision was against it and supported Sony's stance.

I guess those two publishers switched sides and created a better relationship with who they supported. That's why EA's Battlefield has a timed exclusive DLC deal for the Xbox One and now this plus other games while Activision's Destiny has exclusive content for the PS4 version only.

I could be wrong though and there was something hidden in a contract, like the Xbox One is the only next gen console that obtains at least one piece of extra content for the first couple of games they release for the remainder of the year.

KratosSaveUs1819d ago

MS just wrote them a big check. That's what you have to do if you lack good 1st party studios. I'm glad Sony owns some of the best studios so they don't have to do junk like that. PS most EA games suck any way. And after playing BF4 with all the problems it has I'm never buying a EA game again. I remember they got voted the worst company.

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JohnkyKong1820d ago

I'm guessing PS4 was accidentally left off a memo somewhere :D

Calvin_ISA1820d ago

I'm guessing PS4 was accidentally left off a binding legal document somewhere :D

TheLiztress1820d ago

Looks like someone's slipped up. :/ Wonder when it will get added.

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The story is too old to be commented.