List Of Online Retailers Xbox One & PS4 Are In Stock

Nerdacy: We’ve checked every online retailer that we know of and called a few stores in our area and found the following to have Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PS4 in stock.

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GentlemenRUs1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

And then the PS4's went out of stock again :P

EDIT: I was right, all the PS4's are sold out!

Ahem... Aaaannnnnnddddd it's gone!

H0RSE1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

But how does this effect those who already own PS4? Like, what's the point of mentioning it? Does the PS4 have this weird dependency mechanism with other systems, where sales effect the enjoyment players derive from the console? Or maybe it's something to do with the hardware/software, where upon discovering that PS4 did not sell out, an algorithm is transmitted, halving the effectiveness of the CPU and GPU, while also affecting how fun the games are...

Other than boasting, what "benefits" does the fact that a console is selling out grant to players, to the point that it must be mentioned at all? The only thing I can think of, is that more sales = more people, so online gaming could be more populated, but even then, that would rely on whether or not those people have or play online, and then they would also need to have specific game titles as well - BF4 isn't going to benefit from more people getting PS4, if they also don't have BF4...

ShinnokDrako1923d ago

The only console available everywhere seems to be the Xbone, like here in Italy in about every shop. Come on Sony, you have to produce more units! I know the request is huge but... Xmas is close and a lot of people are looking for your new shining jewel!

thrust1923d ago

Both consoles sold out here on the Wirral (uk)

JokesOnYou1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Well looks like mostly there are bundles available for both with X1 occasionally having some standalone availability....likely due to better resupply. Fact, ps4 has been available off and on, at Amazon just as of yesterday but it was sold out in hours. I also walked into Bestbuy on Friday and was shocked to see about 20 ps4 right up front on display for sale, it was pretty funny as I watched for about 5 min walk in customers had bought 4 of them already, I asked store clerk said they put out 28 they were selling like hotcakes. X1 was sold out in the same store for about a week, expecting more that weekend or this week.

Clearly both are selling very well, only questions are who has more stock and how long will the high demand last for both?

thrust1914d ago

Hmm I guess I have 5 people from the Wirral who tell lies!!!

UncleGermrod1923d ago

While PS4 has been proven to have sold more, and that will likely continue at least for some time, this is certainly a good opportunity for MS to gain a bit of ground. While the XBOX ONE seems to be available more often, it also tends to sell back out somewhat quickly. This would signify that MS has simply been more able to get units out to the retailers. I read an article somewhere a while back that predicted that MS could out-ship Sony as a result of more units manufactured. I guess we will see. I guess this could also just be MS slowly releasing units, rather than just put the all out, in an effort to create the illusion of increased demand. One way or the other, both consoles are selling like crazy so far.

Bigpappy1922d ago

Your conclusion seems a bit reversed. Would the one that always seem to be out quickly be the one that creates demand due to.shortages? I the Xbox is always available with good stock that is defeating the purpose.

AndrewLB1922d ago

Actually many market analysts have been reporting that Microsoft looks like it will have shipped more Xbones to retailers because of greater manufacturing capability.

I'm actually shocked at how high the demand for Xbone is. Microsoft is only selling it in 13 markets compared to 40 for Sony... yet they've still sold over 2 million.

As for Sony, it's easier to always be sold out when you're spread out across so many additional markets.

WeAreLegion1922d ago

Aaaaand it's gone!

Xbox One is available, if you want one.

frostypants1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Toys R Us wants to make you buy CoD Ghosts. Feck that.

All I want is a PS4 and a copy of BF4. If I have to wait till February to get that, so be it. I'm not going to pay for garbage just for the right to get the console I want.

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