Just Dance 2014 (Xbox One) Review – The Kinect Remains a Mistake, But Just Dance 2014 Isn’t | COG

Just Dance 2014 for the Xbox One is an enjoyable dancing game and even better after you have had a few.

"My relationship with Kinect 2.0 is off to a shaky start. You see a couple of weeks ago I was tasked with reviewing Ubisoft’s ‘The Fighter Within’. It was a terrible experience. An awful motion based fighting game that, dare I say, should have never been made. It left a horrible first impression with the Xbox One’s Kinect. Up until a few days ago, I avoided using the Xbox One’s Kinect functionality altogether. Sure I yelled “Xbox On” here and there; however, since that disastrous Fighter Within experience I was turned off by the whole ‘not so optional’ peripheral. In fact, I still remain a little puzzled why Microsoft insisted on bundling it up with every Xbox One. Buy hey they can’t go back now. Over the last few days I have come around a bit. Ubisoft has redeemed themselves a little with Just Dance 2014 for the Xbox One. This motion based dance game is a lot of fun and shows us that maybe this Kinect 2.0 wasn’t a mistake after all."

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Nocando1766d ago

What a completely assinine, childish title. This should be taken down.

KonsoruMasuta1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )


Someone is a little salty.

Dehnus1766d ago

He has a point, it's like saying GDDR5 is a mistake because one third party title has very bad graphics.

xDHAV0K24x1766d ago

I'm liking the kinect so far *shrugg*