Five Tech Demos that Should be Full Games

Hardcore Gamer: When new consoles or technology drop in front of gamers at conventions or press conferences, it’s to be expected that some new concept, idea or title will appear alongside it. Games that demonstrate the power of new hardware normally manage to get onto stores shelves, but some ideas, as creative as they might be, never see the light of full development. They are permanently reserved as hardware promotion tools and don’t get a chance to become more than that. Here are five tech demos with ideas so fresh, original or generally appealing, that it’s almost criminal that they never got a chance to spread their wings beyond pure demonstration.

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iGAM3R-VIII1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

If The Dark Sorcerer was missing I don't know what is wrong with this world lol. QD MUST be making this game. It is above and BEYOND the graphics, the best tech demo I've seen in my life. Up there with the division

Revolt131793d ago

This. Best graphics hands down.

raresteak1793d ago

Just be grateful Quantic Dream will probably never make that Dark Sorcerer demo a game. Those characters are fine the way we know them.

The moment they start penning down scripts for them it all becomes a horror circus.

QD should consider being a tech demo company, and nothing more.

bikar1793d ago

and you should just lurk and nothing more :P

Lykon1793d ago

Agreed. But what would be ideal is if QD worked with others to produce something more playable.

Armadilo211793d ago

tech demos are just awesome