Wii U dev console photos

Check out some photos showing off a Wii U dev console.

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Shnazzyone1820d ago

Hell yeah. I'd love an olive Drab Wii U.

gpturbo811820d ago

i'd prefer that green to the black or white

wonderfulmonkeyman1820d ago

Heck, I'd kill for a metallic green case with golden Hylian text on both the controller and system.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1820d ago

In the beginning the DEV Kits where Mint Green and white.

I wanted that one-

and if Nintendo did a limited run on them I would sell blood just to get it.

N4g_null1819d ago

The real dev kit looks like a steambox lol. It would be nice if they let you code on the retail version..... with web kit support you could run code thur the web browser on the wiiu... this kit is worth evety penny used correctly though.

link2Dpast1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Sweet my favorite color, would of been nice to have more options. I mean in the old days they had the skeleton systems, the see threw the ones, I had the jungle green and still have it out in display with my collection for the N64,and wow it blew my mind, it was the coolest thing ever , I wonder why the stupid doing stuff like that, it gave your system personality

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