This Is What Next-Gen Doom 4 Could Look Like In CRYENGINE

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube's 'Natalia Galantseva' has shared a real-time video from a new map she's been working on with CRYENGINE that will definitely give you some Doom 4 (and Aliens) vibes."

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Spurg1794d ago

Look amazing but the fleshy part wasn't so convincing. Looks like not bad it just not convincing enough.

Guwapo771794d ago

Snowdrop > Cryengine

Like you said it looks good but doesn't measure up with some of the new engines coming out as well.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1794d ago

Best part was Sepultura covering Massive Attack, It actually distracted me from the visuals...

DeadMansHand1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Off topic but I had to mention Sepultura was so much better with Max. Beneath the Remains is the 80s best speed metal record hands down.

H0RSE1793d ago

Chaos A.D. is my favorite album of theirs.



I know exactly what you are saying. And even worse, Soulfly's Max is just not as good as Sepultura's Max (even considering different genres and what not).

Welshy1794d ago

As pretty as Cryengine remakes of existing franchises look, I'd like Crytek to use their own engine to build a brand new game that had actual varied or interesting gameplay.

Santa Monica, Naughty Dog and Ubisofts Snowdrop all have engine that will easily rival Cryengine but feature interesting gameplay.

I love that my new console can almost stand toe to toe with PC's now, but I don't want a pixel counting generation where gameplay is sidelined for the sake od "look at our 1080p trees and shrubs!". I'd be happy with PS2 textures if a game ran well and was fun to play.

DeadlyFire1794d ago

Those studios have in house engines sure, but also will come a new crop of developers that will pick up CryEngine, UE4, Unity, and so on to compete with them.

Crytek is working on Warface, Homefront 2 and another project. Hopefully they spill their beans to the public at some point. I expect E3 2014 is the earliest before we see them show off something for this new gen.

ATi_Elite1794d ago

My PC is connected to a 4K tv

so your console standing toe to toe with my 4K PC is not realistic.

Battlefield 4 PC = 4K
Battlefield 4 anything else = sub 1080p

so how exactly is that toe to toe?

Welshy1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I can see where you're coming from, but Unity and Unreal are very flexible and broadly used engines which do produce great games, but Cryengine may as well be in-house since only Crytek seem to use it and 9/10 times they are graphics over gameplay.

I definitely don't dispute that great games can and will continue to come from Cryengine, I'm just speaking in broad terms/AAA games.

@ATI Elite
If you read, I said "almost" stand toe to toe and if you go by an average pc's spec then the next grn machines are even or marginally better. I have a £1000 PC myself, of course I know consoles can't touch that or a 4k capable behemoth, that's just common sense.

There's no need to pull the PC master race crap when my only mention of PC was complimentary to consoles and not detrimental to PC's, I own and love my own gaming PC after all.

AndrewLB1794d ago

The reason why you may have the impression of the PS4 going toe-to-toe with PCs is only because game development over the past few years has really taken a tole on innovation because of how outdated consoles were. My current video card is almost 2 years old now and it does 3.9tflops... which is double the PS4. But hey... that's a heck of a lot better than 20x faster. Hopefully devs will start taking advantage of the massive power the latest graphics cards have, because when they do... you'll see PS4 doesn't stand toe-to-toe. More like "just out of visual range". lol.

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deecee331793d ago

Give the girl who made this a job at a major studio...

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whitefang19881794d ago

I don't think the quality of that video was good enough to show it off IMO.

listenkids1794d ago

Just looks like a scene from RE6

ATi_Elite1794d ago

StarCitizen will be running on the CryEngine 3 and the amount of detail in S.C. is unbelievable to go along with massive player count in infinite space.

Now I myself only see the Virtual Reality Engine 3, The Frostbite 3, and CryEngine 3 as next Gen Engines as they all have games that really push A.I., Lighting, physics, while having HUGE draw distances and large numbers of NPC's on screen.

Some engine pushing a linear hallway game with only 3 onscreen enemies at a time is not impressive graphics wise because it's concentrated into one spot. So I would expect a Dungeon Crawler to have FANTASTIC Graphics as all your GPU power will be pinpointed in one small area.

Games have got to be HUGE, open world, and still have great graphics with lots of post processing effects, large NPC counts, and lighting.

Hercules1891794d ago

Some games just dont work with open world tho. A game like Uncharted or Quantum Break just probably wouldnt work too well being open world.

Welshy1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Yes, open world games HAVE to have large draw distances, lighting etc to stand up as next gen, but that strictly applies to open world only, you can't expect games that are fundamentally built to be linnear or in 1 set area to just throw the guide book away and essentially break their game by forcing something that doesn't fit in it.

If a "lesser" engine is highly concentrated to a room with 4 hi res characters, how is that not good graphics?

Good graphics are good graphics, you're mixing up how technically impressive an engine is to a genre.

If my fighting game with only 2 guys is 4K 60fps, that is amazing, by your logic fighters and sports games needing to be open world to impressive just plain doesn't make sense.

Not trying to be a d*ck, just pointing out that your logic is broken.

mediate-this1793d ago

@welshy i believe your missing the point.

ATi_Elite1791d ago

My Logic is NOT broken you just fail to see the POINT or the big picture so let me use an analogy.

You have a Muscle car capble of a sub 10 second 1/4 mile versus a Ferrari.

Now that Muscle car is AWESOME 0-60 in a straight line but when you break down everything a Sports Car is suppose to do that Muscle car is CRAP compared to a Ferrari which is good 0-60 and can perform on a TRACK and has great breaking performance.

So some linear game is NOT impressive to me when you have games out there doing a ton more.

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