‘Destiny,’ ‘Dying Light’ and ‘Mad Max’ pre-orders discounted

An online retailer has discounted the pre-orders of “Destiny,” “Dying Light” and “Mad Max.”

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blakstarz1766d ago

Wow....a whole whooping $5 dollars?!?! That is NOT a discount, you will probably end up paying that 5 back in shipping cost.

Agent_00_Revan1766d ago

I'm guessing you've never bought anything from Amazon before. Offers over $35 get Free Shipping.

Even $5 is a good discount on a New title. Plus, still live in a state that does not get charged sales tax with Amazon, theres another approx $5 discount.

blakstarz1766d ago

I do most of my shoppin' on Amazon trust me and also a good place is Glyde.....but come on man...5 bucks, really? Now if it was 10, maybe I can say it was a bit of a better deal

Agent_00_Revan1766d ago


If you do most of your shopping at Amazon, you wouldn't made the silly comment about paying the $5 back in shipping.

And how can you say $5 off isnt a good deal? How may places do you know that will give you $$ off a brand new game that isn't even out yet? Normally that doesn't happen until 2 weeks+ after release.

Heisenburger1766d ago


So a discount's not a discount, huh? Kids complain when they can save five bucks?


Agent_00_Revan1766d ago


"$5 off isn't good enough, so I'm just going to go pay full price."


MestreRothN4G1766d ago

Amazon is the store.

55 bucks for next gen. 50 bucks for current. Whatever they're called now, you got the point.

I wasn't going to buy there, but appreciate this company's work.

palaeomerus1766d ago

An 8% discount is a bad thing?

blakstarz1766d ago


To me, 5 dollars is not much of a deal, maybe it is to some of you, but to me its not much really saved.