Sony Marketing Interview Uncovers PS3 DVD Upscaling

Good interview done by Engadget with Peter Dille who is Sony's marketing exec. Most interesting note: The PS3 will upscale DVD movies to 1080P. Click the link for the full interview.

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big_tim4453d ago

if I would take this as official. He doesn't seem to know any technical info. I really hope that this is true because I was very disappointed in the 360 not up-scaling to 1080i when it came out. Supposedly they changed it now. I haven't tried it yet since the update.

PS360PCROCKS4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

Ok so I was reading it going ok well this guy is not stupid, although he doesn't have all the answers, but atleast he's not bashing and saying stuff to cover answers he doesn't have answers to, than the idiocy hits...
"Again, it comes back to the whole thought process behind the two SKUs to begin with, which is giving consumers some choice based on how they want to use the system, based on the type of configuration that they have in their house today. So, it's very important to have HDMI functionality in the box -- in the hardware box, not the retail box"
Oh but of course Sony, you're giving lots of choice here, lol if that's choice well than Microsoft wins hands-down with the Hybrid HD cable included with the premium...
When asked about VGA cables he says hes not sure and he'll get back to you on it but as soon as u mention the 360
"No, it's not included in the box. I don't think we're offering that as a peripheral. But again, because of some of the USB connectivity we've had questions about keyboards and other things that you could just pop into a USB port, and those would be able to work on day one"
Uh usb and Vga? Alrighty moving right along with that one
Than when asked about the PSP getting whipped, he refers to the DS and PSP as non competitors and that the DS is a "kids machine"
This one's absolutely the best one of all...
"What it is we're trying to do had never been done before. Has still never been done: a global simultaneous launch. So, who, other than a market leader should aspire to do something like that?"
Lol good thing he joined Sony around E3 otherwise I would think he was a total moron because last time I checked, 3 weeks, 3 territories launched was Microsoft, what a jackas*

Arkham4453d ago

This contradicts what was reported a few weeks ago, that DVDs wouldn't be upscaled at all. Even if this isn't possible at first, I wouldn't be surprised if it was possible at a later date via a fix.