GTA IV: I'm Feeling a Little Guilty

A great blog post from Kombo: "While playing last night, I experienced something the GTA series has never really done to me (at least that I can remember). I felt a little guilty -- for something I did in the game, that is."

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straightpiff4204967d ago

Okay? well play another game then pu$$y....

Breakfast4966d ago

"Am I going to stop playing GTA IV now? No way."

...not so cool now, aye?

AllahAkbar4966d ago

yeah agree, this guy is all crying and stuff now because he shot someone in a game. i bet he's got some psychological disorder or something because dude... it's a freaking game, how can he feel remorseful as in real life as in the game? this guy must be nuts or something, i hope he gets locked up in a booby trap before he kills someone in real life and feels remorseful as he did in the game. if he shows real emotions from real life in a game, then he must be one of those psychotic people who have a difficult time seeing real life from virtual reality such as gtaiv.

Bloodwar4966d ago (Edited 4966d ago )

letting a man live or killing him. I opted to let him live. Doesn't mean that I am a pu$$y cat, but that I chose to see the game to the end differently. Is it possible to live life of crime and still have morals? I'm willing to try it out and see what happens.

Am I going to go through the game and try to kill not one citizen. Hahh, yeah right. LOL

Vahn164966d ago

Insightful comment, there, buddy. The article's encouraging discussion, not trying to dredge up your feelings of faux-empathy. I'm glad that, at the very least, you're taking out your illogical rage on the internet instead of resorting to road rage like everyone else. Actually, no I'm not.

Anyway, at some level GTA makes me feel bad as well. If I choose to hop into a big truck and knock over a few citizens -- permanently -- I generally do it for about half an hour. After that, I've had all I can take, so I reload my game from before the Liberty City Massacre (can't be ruining Niko's pristine reputation) and go kill bad people. It's actually kind of cool that Rockstar was able to so thoroughly develop Niko that I want to avoid making him an abjectly cold killer.

Armyless4966d ago

Very thoughtful. (I chuckled when I mis-read one of your lines and thought you wrote "kill bald people".)

Torch4966d ago (Edited 4966d ago )

I reckon this game is providing itself as a very effective conduit for carrying out my otherwise-unbeknown dark, evil desires to unleash insane (albeit creative and artistic!) havoc among the poor, innocent virtual-bystanders of Liberty City.

"Auto-Bowling for Grannies", anyone? ;)

Although I must admit (without giving away spoilers), my conscience compelled me to let "that guy" live early on in the game.

...ahh, who am I kidding. I was really hoping that my decision would lead to repercussions of more violence and massacre.

(Ironically, in real life, I can't even kill a spider without trying to free it outside.)

EZCheez4966d ago

I chose the opposite, without any remorse.

Anyway, that's exactly what this game is all about. Letting out that inner demon and not feeling bad about it when you're done. And that's why I appreciate it. I would never even think about doing anything like this in real life, but man is it satisfying in a fictional world.

EastCoastSB4966d ago

Better to let people do crazy stuff like that in a game, rather than in real life.

thisguywithhair4966d ago

I didn't even know you had a choice in the matter of letting him live. How do you choose?

neil_19804966d ago

same, i dont recall having a choice to let someone live or die :S

jke824966d ago

u just do what you would do irl pull the trigger or walk away thats how ya do it man.....on a side note i would take the middle ground...give him one to the kneecap and roll out...heh

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cocoapebbles4966d ago

Seems to me like you need a break there buddy...I love what rockstar has done with the game they developed it with an awsome story and left the choice be yours.

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