Microsoft gambles gamers will turn to Xbox 360 to buy 'Gears of War'

The Locust Horde has finally arrived.

"Gears of War," the long-awaited Xbox 360 title from Epic Games, ships Tuesday, meaning it will arrive in specialty video game shops either later Tuesday or Wednesday. The official kickoff, dubbed Emergence Day, is Sunday when all major retailers should have "Gears of War" in stock.

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joemutt4458d ago

Its more like a sure thing.

zypher4458d ago

eh, i'm not too sure about this one. i guess all the cards are in Microsoft's favor (considering the limited supply of PS3); but given a choice between the newest system and a fairly-new system with a proven game, most people will opt for the newer system, especially when that newer system bears the Playstation logo, and is sure to continue with all the franchises that made the Playstation legacy what it is.

however, PS3 notwithstanding, Microsoft's biggest advantage at this point is not GOW or Halo 3: it's Sony. Sony has allowed itself to be fraught with woe after woe. Sony chose to include Blu-ray in PS3, and Sony ultimately chose the PS3's price. considering the delays (due to Blu-ray), and that majority of PS3's cons center around its $600 asking price, you can see why Sony is Microsoft's biggest advantage.

marionz4458d ago

anyone who does their homework will see that xbox is the best choice console, my brother will probably get a ps3 but hes a retard that buys things to try and impress his friends, to me xbox has better value, better and more games, first party games are allways cheaper, great online, controller design and console are perfect, and for all the people that keep screaming ps3 is more powerfull....PROVE IT
if you want new get ps3 but if you want quallity get 360 simple as

DJ4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

I don't know a single gamer (including 360 owners) that's actually interested in Gears. In fact, most of them started making fun of it once they saw the gameplay videos. And it wasn't the graphics that turned them off. =/

On the flipside, FEAR and Call of Duty seems to be hyping them up more. Yes, FEAR is old, but the pc requirements are ridiculously high so it makes sense that they would rather just get it on the 360 instead.

Marionz, TGS proved the PS3 is more powerful. The games showed superiority over the 360, and the majority of gaming journalists quickly pointed this out. You can see the difference a lot better in motion.

marionz4458d ago

Call of Duty i can understand, but fear? man i played the demo thinking i was gonna love it but it just feels old, that whole been there doen that feeling sank in, its rubbish

marionz4458d ago

and the ps3 more powerfull because tgs said so hmmm ok ill believe it when it actually comes from sony thankyou, see the difference in motion my ass ive seen ps3 games in motion, and if power is based on that alone then GOW is the winner, i mean resistance looks like poo in comparison, motorstorm looks good but textures ingame look bad, dont tell me ps3 is more powerfull till the specs are actually out, ill be more then happy to say sorry if im wrong

eques judicii4458d ago

no one is interested in gears... that's why at my ebgames store i have over 150 reservations on it... that's as many as FFXII!!!! If you go to it is the 2nd most popular game (just ever so slightly behind Zelda) and the fun part is that it is an original IP not a sequel!

Aramis0014458d ago

Dude, DJ, what's going on with you lately? You used to give less biased replies with good facts to support them, but lately you've been leaning towards the fanboyish side. What's wrong, seriously?

MoonDust4458d ago

I think everyone here agrees, you are a idiot.

MoonDust4458d ago, over 100 people on the GOW forums and the game is not even out yet.

FadeToBlack4458d ago

DJ, that last comment was just perfect confirmation that you are a complete idiot. You come on here just spewing fanboy garbage.
Give it a rest, do you really need the attention that bad?

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