Nintendo Had International Spotlight and Announced… Cranky Kong?

CraveOnline: "In case you didn't watch the VGX gaming showcase on Spike last week, or you've been living under a rock since then, Nintendo took up airtime during the entire show to announce a new playable character in the upcoming Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Wii U."

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1770d ago

They should announced a new mario for wiiU fans.

cleft51770d ago

The only thing that was trending on twitter from the VGX was Cranky Kong. I think people need to realize that this is the sort of thing that will sell WiiUs. The more WiiUs they sale than the more new games people who own that console will get. Lets face it, unless the WiiU sales a ton of units they aren't likely to get 3rd party support from major companies in a significant amount.

Nintendo has to move consoles and this will get them one step closer to it.

iamnsuperman1770d ago

Tending sure but was it in a good way. The impression I got was everyone was pissed that the biggest thing announced (which wasn't that big) was cranky Kong. The VGX was a major let down for reveals

herbs1770d ago

The VGX was unworthy of a big Nintendo announcement...

Sincere01211770d ago

And you know this as you work for Nintendo? These fanboys lol. A new level of stupidity. Looool

1770d ago
Thepcz1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

i know this because if i worked for a company that had a lot to boast and show off about, i would use that stage as a platform to boast and brag.

its a show, and they had nothing to show.

they could have made some an announcement regarding new and exiting projects. but they didnt. one can then only assume they have no new and exiting projects. ie nothing to show

you might call it trolling, i simply call it logic.

KonsoruMasuta1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

They could have showed something better.

I was really hoping they showed something for X, Zelda, or even Shin Megami Tense I X Fire Emblem. These are all things that people have been waiting to hear about about and I'm pretty sure there is some type of information they could have given us. They could have at least madea teaser trailer. I was really disappointed and let down by what they showed us.

Anyways, I was disappointed with VGX all around. The whole thing was horrible. People act like Nintendo was the only one who disappointed

Thepcz1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

im disappointed too. its relentless disappointment with nintendo lately. they may as well change their name to nintendisappointmento.

im actually serious when i say am actually considering not checking for nintendo news anymore. people think im a troll, im not, im actually a nintendo fan, but right now, there is absolutely nothing to be exited about or even interested in with what nintendo is doing. all it does is frustrate you.

its not just for this show either, nintendo have become experts at disappointing people at e3. heck, thats even if they turn up.

and nintendo probably wonder why the sales are so bad. at least i know im not alone.

GSKerns1770d ago

Really? The next Smash Bros games come out next year and they haven't even named them yet... seems like their priorities are in the wrong places

AWBrawler1770d ago

they have names Smash bros for wii u and smashbros for 3DS. its a play on words. Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U or Super Smash Bros. 4 3DS

GSKerns1770d ago

I had just assumed those were placeholder title images... if that's the actual name for the games I hope they at least put more effort into making the games than coming up with those titles.

Sincere01211770d ago

Revealing on a show with such a small audience is an idiotic logic. Fools rush in.
Nintendo will reveal what they have when it serves them best and not when a troll tells them to.

Concertoine1770d ago

but they definitely had zelda.
they were ready to announce that at last year's e3, they just decided to save it and announce stupid cranky kong. i mean they have so many studios, they definitely have more in the works, itd be dumb to assume not.

ChickeyCantor1770d ago

I'm sure they have more to show. Just that they probably use that for Nintendo directs...

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Chrono1770d ago

This just shows how incompetent Nintendo is.

deafdani1770d ago

Really? What did Sony and Microsoft show?

Chrono1770d ago

They didn't middle-finger their own fanbase with a cranky kong.

deafdani1770d ago

Well, aren't you an hypocrite.

Wow. Just wow.

sloth33951770d ago

VGX sucked it wasn't worth showing anything there

ZodTheRipper1770d ago

Well it would have reached a lot of gamers ...but it's an unannounced game, Donkey Kong is acceptable. Nothing groundbreaking though so it doesn't help Nintendos situation.

Zodiac1770d ago

It was a let down for sure. I wanted to see some new info on Smash Bros. or something.

IN all fairness, the whole damn show was just one long trailer for previously announced and already revealed franchises.

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