Project CARS Uses eSRAM For Deferred Render, Careful Use Mitigates Some of PS4's Unified RAM Benefit

"Project CARS is one of the most impressive looking racing games out there. If you haven't seen some of the gameplay trailers, then we strongly recommend checking them out. Slightly Mad Studios, the development studio behind this visual splendor is bringing the game to Steam OS, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC."

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GamersRulz1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Misleading title.

the original quote is:

"Careful use of eSRAM like this for the various render stages mitigates SOME of the advantage that PS4 has with its faster unified GDDR5 memory"

Title left the word SOME implying that esram = GDDR5 with careful use, which is not what the developer said.

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MasterCornholio1767d ago

Using the ESRAM well reduces the PS4s ram advantage but doesn't eliminate it.

Makes perfect sense to me.

u got owned1767d ago

Agree. PS4 will always have the advantage on the RAM department.

pyramidshead1767d ago

Which is why 'SOME' is a key word. It means it doesn't fully bridge the gap and bring parity.

Expecting full HD on PS4 and 720 or maybe 900 on XB1.

kneon1767d ago

The ESRAM will never make up the difference. The problem is that it is only 32MB, that's only 0.4% of 8GB. Any speed advantages are mostly lost due to having to swap things in and out of ESRAM because of it's small size.

Pogmathoin1767d ago

Agreed, PS4 will continue having better Ram resources.... Can continue bragging that at my local pub..... A lifesaver!

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UncleGermrod1767d ago

the title has the word "some" in it. what are you doing, c'mon. go away

FITgamer1767d ago

He changed it after the fact.

UncleGermrod1767d ago

Oh, well than that is pretty messed up. Not a huge deal, but messed up. Sounds like the dev was just validating that the esram has it's benefits, but the title aimed to misconstrue this.

Prime1571767d ago

If you submit something to n4g you have to adhere to certain rules. Just do a submission to see why the word, "some" could have been left out.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1767d ago

For $500 it should out perform ps4 lol tryna catch up.

Raiden1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

And the PS4 should be running instantly faster with the one OS but it don't, XB1 has 3 OS slower RAM. I come home from work tired all i say XBOX ON, and that it, it turns my TV on, I'm yet to see the all powerful PS4 do this. But point is this my gaming days are almost over, I have life,not saying that gamers don't have a life, I work hard and don't have time to play as much as I did. Gamers are getting older and the XB1 is more suited to a mature generation lifestyle, everything in one box Cable TV, communication setup. The fact that i come home and start to prepare dinner while listening to music and via my XB1 is great, oh and i did have to touch a single remote control. Power without flexibility is just power, having power and knowning what to do with it that's the key. Gamers please enjoy the console of your choice, but I want to see this power advantage in 2014, because i do believe the XB1 is going to surprise many. That 50% power of PS4 seem to have lets see it then, put your money where your prduct is Sony, I WANT TO SEE 50% MORE POWER AT E3. Because all your console does is games and apps from last gen,it even can't even TURN ON when commanded too much less turn on a TV without using a remote control, so lets see the power then.

thehitman1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@ Raiden

Your post is complete with nonfactual information. The Xbox One actually has faster ram than the PS4. In fact it has 8gb of faster ram then the ps4. The Xb1 was made for apps and services with its DDR3 make-up. DDR3 is System memory which helps the cpu process information faster. In the PS4 it has GDDR5 which is graphical memory. Graphical memory has much higher bandwidth. Bandwidth helps you get higher textures and better resolutions. Since these are GAMING consoles graphical memory is much more important than system memory. So the system is much more powerful in where it needs to be the gaming department.

I dont need to yell at my PS4 to turn it on how fucking lazy can you be? You eventually have to pick up the controller anyway to play a game. Also the ps4 OS is much better than MS windows 8 style OS so lets not even go there and games already show much more power on the ps4 multiplats are not even being made in the same resolution. Not even close. 720p COD vs 1080p COD thats half the pixels on screen. There isnt a game on Xb1 with KZ like graphics and it cant even get ryse to play on 900p @ 30 FPS consistently so I wouldnt be calling out the PS4 when the xb1 is already showing weakness out the gates. If you enjoy ur xb1 fine, but dont throw stones when your living in a glass house.

solidboss071766d ago

You won't waste a 1 millionth of a k.joule of energy by pressing a button, and yet you leave XB1 on standby all day? Your tired working to pay your electricity bill. Mature indeed?
Anyway, glad that works for you. Getting older, no time to game, and yet you bought that big piece of crap straight away? Microsoft have brain washed you, son!

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NoLongerHereCBA1767d ago

Cmon guys, even the direct link of the website doesn't have the word "Some" in it. I know it is in the quote, but don't treat it like the world has come to an end and that it is immediately done by a fanboy.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1767d ago

This game so far has only looked stunning to me in screenshots, (which can easily be faked). All the gameplay I've seen doesn't make the game look nearly as good. Granted most of it was on youtube. I'm 100 percent certain the game looks miles better than what youtube says. Anyone got any links to better gameplay vids?

andrewsqual1767d ago

Look no further than Gamersyde for Direct Feed awesomeness. :)

Naga1767d ago

From a purely linguistic standpoint, the word "mitigates" implies only a lessening, so the use of the word "some" doesn't actually change the meaning.

If it was "negates", the implication would be not just a lessening, but a near-total reduction in the advantage. In that case, "some" would make a big difference in the statement, and I would completely agree with you.

JackISbacK1766d ago

so may agrees wow this site is full of dumb non-gamers ,i realy dont know what for is this all abut.what did you get for raiging this war and yeah stuid lol win it ,keep playing companies we gamers will play this game,i thought that after lauch this place will turn to agood place but no these people got more aggressive and after getting their ps4's they still are not playing games but get themselves into stupid fanboy wars ,man just take a break play games man ,you will get nothing out of it ,now i thing your bubbbles will be blown up so infuture you will be able to write more a lot of shit.

Madderz1765d ago

Reading that made my brain hurt.

Chrischi19881766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Thats right, Esram > GDDR5, if used correctly, but that is also the problem, it s hard to develop for, but if you use it right, it has actually more power than GDDR5. Everyone with a little more than basic knowledge knows that, but I wouldnt be surprised, to get a lot of disagree from fanboys, because they want to live the lie.

You dont need more than this 32MB esram, you dont need more super fast, it is enough to render 1080p and the normal Ram is just fine. You just split up fast task into esram and normal ones into normal Ram, there wont be much difference to just have much fast Ram, but by far not as fast as Esram. But this splitting up, again, makes it hard to develop for.

GamersRulz1766d ago

Wow too much fud or technical ignorance!

Chrischi19881766d ago

No, I am actually a tech guy, unlike most console gamers, who just blindly take every piece of information and interpret it towards being good for their own plattform. Esram and normal have to be split up, to work good, but if used correctly, it is just as good. I dont expect you guys to actually understand that, but ok, I am used to the fanboyism and immaturity on this board.

JackISbacK1766d ago

yeah it is true ,esram can do all of those things if used correctly and devs will get use to it soon enough because esram is int anew thing intel has also started using it and i belive these all things will be first proved by witcher 3 beacause devs out therre are having lot of knowledge about pc and how to maintain good graphics on connoles and they by themselves have said xb1 harware is more easy to develop. i cant wether its true or not but what they did on pc last gen was amazing .

frostypants1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@Chrischi1988: Your word against that of qualified developers, I guess. I'm also a tech guy, and I think you're nuts. You're speaking in generalizations and pretending that splitting data into 32MB chunks has no overhead. Sorry, but you're wrong. "If used correctly, it is just as good"??? You are basing this claim on what, exactly? Would 16MB be just as good? Is there something magical about the 32MB that makes it work so well? Or are you just talking out of your arse? That's rhetorical, by the way. Your comments aren't "I have an idea for a perpetual motion machine" crazy, but they are damn close.

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Nike1767d ago

Title changed for N4G due to length, but means the same thing.

fr0sty1767d ago

Leaving "Some" out doesn't mean the same thing. Not even close. It implies parity, when there isn't any.

Not to mention, that's why the ESRAM is there to begin with. It's just stating the obvious. DDR3 is slow, ESRAM is there to mitigate some of the difference in speed... SOME of the different. Still leaving a massive gap considering that you can only pull of certain tasks using ESRAM because of it's tiny size.

Dehnus1767d ago

ESRAM also can do other things then just be video memory, but I'm not getting into this fanboy slugfest. Just go and have fun and be total dicks to eachother, that will really make more people buy your console of choice (Whether it be Sony or MS).

It doesn't need much more space either, it was never mend as video ram, more for other bandwith and latency intensive things. Not saying it is optimal either. But it does have uses

P0werVR1767d ago

The gap is NOT as MASSIVE as you put it.

fr0sty1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Sure, it can, but the problem is GPUs need WAY more than 68gbps of bandwidth that DDR3 provides. This is why all GPUs stopped using DDR3 years ago in favor of GDDR5. Also, CPUs don't tend to need as much bandwidth as GPUs, so it only makes sense to utilize the fastest memory in the system for GPU purposes.

@VR ... It's pretty big at this point, the games do not lie... It will only get bigger as time goes on, due to developers not having to jump as many hurdles due to a more streamlined architecture. While XO's games WILL improve with time, and already are showing good signs of that, it will still be improving at a slower pace. Developers will have to not only wrap their heads around the CPU and GPU, but also a complex memory setup that is heavily bottlenecked. Much like PS3 had to deal with, it took 2 years before multiplatform games (even exclusives, really) started looking as good as Xbox 360 games because developers were stuck having to deal with a complex architecture (Cell) and a nasty memory bottleneck (Split pools of insufficient amounts of 256mb each.). They eventually came to terms with the memory bottleneck, and because the CPU was more powerful than Xbox 360's, were able to match and in some cases exceed what 360 was able to do. This time we don't have that. We have a system that has the same CPU (8 core jaguar, nothing to write home about), but a considerably weaker GPU that also has the memory bottlenecks to deal with. Not only will it mature slower, but its ceiling will still be lower in the end. Even if you put 8GBs of GDDR5 in XO, it still wouldn't be able to keep up visually. Half the ROPs, 1/3 less texture units, and 50% less shader cores is not a small difference.

Ju1767d ago

FYI. There is no memory bottleneck in the PS3 for the GPU to access either XDR or GDR. It has about the same bandwidth accessing both, XDR is shared with the CELL and it can't just be "accessed" but must be DMAd in/out. It is used on gpu feedback hooks on texture filtering actually by having the SPUs doing the writing into textures in XDR which the GPU can directly "read" after. With this setup you have full 512MB of videoram. CPU is limited to 256MB.

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ATi_Elite1767d ago

Good to see a Good Dev team find PROPER uses for the XB1 architecture.

Overall though I just wish Microsoft put a better GPU in the XB1!

Pcars PC is so wonderful to play and hopefully the next gen machines can match the PC's Physics and car A.I. along with getting pretty close on graphics and perfect sound.

Project Cars is the Best Ever! You Consolers will get this glorious game real soon. Don't sleep on it!

IRetrouk1767d ago

I will have it day 1 on ps4, more racing games the better i say, only bad thing is the wait for it.

AndroidVageta1767d ago

Not only more racing games but, like the PS3, the PS4 should be able to support all racing wheels or at least a majority of the more popular ones (Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, etc).

Something that I believe MS won't allow. I know they didn't on the Xbox 360 while so far only one wheel is said to have support.

IRetrouk1767d ago

Yeah i agree, as long as my gt wheel works im happy :-)

pyramidshead1767d ago

Don't worry Elite, MS didn't disclose any info on their GPU which ultimately means their GPU is a R9 x280 with customisations(heavily customised with ARM tech and graphic sub systems galore) of 2014 PC tech which is apparently invisible to detect and MS is hiding all the info in a 10 year long NDA that will expire when the clouds dissipate. /s


Beastforlifenoob1767d ago

He didnt say it had an amazing GPU in fact a quote him directly
"Overall though I just wish Microsoft put a better GPU in the XB1! "

GamersHeaven1767d ago

esram lol what a half baked console

Hercules1891767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I believe that they are using esram is like NOS for a car, making an underpowered machine that is still capable of standing with the big guys.

Has there ever been a generation where there wasnt a machine that was more powerful than the others. The xbox was way more powerful than ps2 in every single way, didnt stop the ps2 from having great looking games. If the X1 can come close to achieving the graphics from the UE4 tech demos, which it should because all the other UE tech demos from before has been close to the final build for the consoles then we shouldnt have to worry about which console is the weakest.

MasterCornholio1767d ago

Still doesn't make it as powerful as the PS4 though.

fr0sty1767d ago

Using your analogy... the problem is, the tank of NOS is so small (32mb) that it can only give boosts for a couple seconds before the car falls back to its normal speed... Meanwhile the "big guys" keep strumming along at top speed, leaving the underpowered car behind.

However, that only addresses RAM bandwidth. It ignores that there are other areas where the XO architecture falls behind, such as fewer ROPs, texture units, compute units/shader cores, etc.

So, even if all of the bandwidth issues were mitigated as the article title originally implied before edit, it still wouldn't be able to keep up with the big guys.

pyramidshead1767d ago

you realise that the Xbox came out when the PS2 was well into its gen right? lol Of course it was going to be more powerful, it would be silly for it not to be.

quenomamen1767d ago

PS4 owners don't have to worry,

Dehnus1767d ago

Don't let them get to you, armchair quarterbacks comparing spec sheets numbers. Not really understanding how you might be able to use something to your advantage.

It isn't that the XbOne is faster, but ESram does have its uses and that isn't size related.. unless you just put multiple full framebuffers in there, but then you are being really stupid. (Display Targets and Tiled rendering are your friends).

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JackISbacK1767d ago

people like you are the one who makes gaming such a bad place to be ,i realy dont know waht you get for raiging
fanboy wars,please take a nap ,may be tommorow will be a better day for you and joel's photo does'nt suits you he is a good guy not as dub like you and your lovely fanboys.

Chrischi19881766d ago

Edram was what made the 360 keep up with ps3, but ok^^

1767d ago